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Identification of the Population

Asian American is the selected group utilized in the research assessment focusing on interactions among distinct social segments. The group consists of Americans with Asian ancestry. These individuals originate from the East, South, and Southeast Asia regions. The group is deemed as one of the fastest-growing and diverse demographic groups existing in the US. According to Chang (2017), Asian Americans consist of approximately 20 million people in the US. The number is expected to surpass that of a key group such as the Hispanics. Asian Americans belong to the racial and minority groups that continue to encounter massive prejudice and discrimination cases. However, it has advanced its visibility since most people earn a high-income and have improved educational levels.

The interaction between African Americans and Asian Americans is minimal. Asian Americans establish a positive relationship with whites and other Asian groups while portraying a negative attitude and perception of blacks. I feel that Asian Americans consider themselves part of the white population, which makes them develop a negative attitude towards African Americans. This limits effective interactions and associations. However, I feel that interactions may vary in native-born and foreign-born situations. For example, a native-born Asian American is likely to interact with African Americans. On the other hand, foreign-born Asian Americans hold a negative attitude and perception towards the black population. Overall, Asian Americans and African Americans have a minimal interaction level.

Asian Americans have advanced their status and visibility in the US community. The group has successfully attained a high socioeconomic status that provides them with a significant advantage. They have a relatively high level of income and education compared to other non-white groups (Yost, 2019). The improved advantage reduces instances of discrimination encountered by its people. While the other groups continue to face massive injustices, Asian Americans live in a conducive environment. US society risks failing to attain diversity due to these current issues. As Appleby, Colon, and Hamilton (2010) states, oppression and discrimination are vices that tamper with the diversity agenda and effective social functioning. Assessing each group in line with its potential is a fundamental approach that can accelerate the elimination of prejudice and discrimination. The interest in researching Asian Americans is based on the milestones it has obtained. It sets the pace for other minority groups.

Asian Americans differ across various perspectives. Depending on the area of origin and other distinguishing characteristics, the group portrays distinct elements. The group differs in immigration experiences, ethnic language, cultural values, beliefs, religion, income, education, and corporate skills (Paik et al., 2017). Despite belonging to a common ethnic group, Asian Americans differ in diversity.

Justification for the Choice of Population

Asian American is a minority group that has, in recent times, acquired a new status in the US community. Their efforts to accelerate their education levels and income benefits have earned them a significant status in the United States society. The rationale for its selection is based on their improved visibility. Its essential strides and crucial position might be a foundation for the other minority groups to improve their image and status. The US population is increasingly multicultural (Laws & Chilton, 2013). It is essential to accommodate the needs and interests of all ethnic groups. The research implications align with potential strategies and approaches that minority groups can adopt to change their detrimental status and visibility in the community. There is a dire need to counter aspects that force the natives to look down upon minorities.

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