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Politics and Policy Essay | Best Homework Paper Writers

Question One: Digital Politics

Digital politics defines the modern approaches used to enhance communication between political actors and their constituents. Politics equip specific individuals with influence to determine the outcomes of events in their immediate environment. Although the measures adopted to provide viable solutions may vary from one country to another, political representatives have, over the years, exploited the inability of the public to overcome challenges in their surroundings. However, with the emergence of social media platforms and the internet, the nature of conversations has changed, restoring power to the people (Höchtl, Parycek, & Schöllhammer, 2016). Through Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, social media users can call out ineffective leaders and compel them to execute their functions. Given the shift in influence in the community, political representatives have since adapted to the changing environment to remain relevant in their positions. In its growing role, the public has created a perception of holding its leaders to account for its actions.

Unlike in the past, where political differences prevented individuals from addressing issues objectively, technology has created a middle ground where despite the problems affecting individual relationships, people can still engage in constructive discussions to develop a standard solution for all. Technology promotes the implementation of shared interests that affect interactions between individuals and their ability to connect on different issues affecting people in their immediate environment (Thuermer, Roth, Luczak-Rösch, & O’Hara, 2016). By taking advantage of the tools at their disposal, many communities have initiated projects that are solely responsible for their growth and development. Deborah Stone developed the Polis Model to identify strategies that can be implemented in the world today to solve community problems through the promotion of values such as altruism, loyalty, and total cooperation on social projects.

Question Two: Political Issue

In 2019, China and the U.S. were involved in an economic war that saw the telecommunications giant, Huawei Technologies, suffer in the process. The U.S. government accused its Chinese counterpart of espionage through Huawei Technologies, an outcome that saw the corporation lose its Google patents in the Android platform. In this case, the reporting style of this political issue portrayed the Chinese government as guilty even before dissecting the outcome to understand the truth (Li, 2019). However, it would later emerge that China was ahead of the U.S. in rolling out the 5G network infrastructure. From this realization, economic wars have a significant impact on the growth and development of corporations because of their effect on the views held by individuals. In the U.S., Google and other hardware manufacturers lost business after their relations with Huawei were severed. In the same vein, Huawei lost its grip in the U.S. mobile market, an aspect that hindered its exponential growth in the U.S. and beyond.

Observing the measures that are adopted in the political environment creates an enabling environment for the execution of different actions that influence the interactions between various government entities. Economic wars between countries have a significant impact on the traders who rely on the creation of an enabling environment that fosters trade in the global business environment. By observing the need to develop policy streams, one realizes the impact of conveying information to the public through an honest and reliable approach (Wan, Chen, & Sperling, 2018). By focusing on the effects of policies on the changing needs of individuals, political leaders, and other related entities can formulate numerous measures that elevate the economic growth of their respective countries. Resolving issues amicably and diplomatically cushion the small and medium enterprises from any unexpected outcomes that limit their growth in the market.

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