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Playing Your Part Essay Paper | Assignment Writers Online

Question1: Explain why some theorists might categorize a stand-up comedian as a performance artist.

Performance artists that perform their work live to their audience. Performing arts may include musical theater, theater, spoken word and performance art. Performance art has changed over the years with staged presentations and one person shows that portray various characters through interconnected monologues.

Question 2: Discuss why a film or a television show you have watched might be categorized as a postmodern.

The film has been categorized as postmodern since it has actual transformations of the forms of visual narratives and paying attention to the activity of the spectator that recognizes social and cultural specificity of the subject. Considerably, post modernism goes against the traditional argument brought about by traditional theaters and reading of texts. Artists in the post modernism era have moved into abstraction and reality as seen most television shows and films.

Question 3: Discuss key changes in Communication that have had an impact on global theater

Communication has had on the global theater due to multicultural interaction. Technological changes have continued making communication, global and personal interaction more immediate. The digital and electronic media have played an important role in theater. They have brought about new communication technologies that have been used to reach the audience across the globe such as streaming of live performance, having instantaneous feedback through social media platforms such as Twitter as well as potential interaction with the audience through social. They have allowed the performing arts to be easily recorded, shared and stored allowing the popularity of the global theater.

Question 4: Discuss why a film or television show you have watched might be categorized as a documentary drama.

The film Black Watch is a documentary since it is based on historical documents. The goal of the film is to convince the audience that the film is unfolding history. It has evoked the sorrow and horror of war and the historical reality.

Question 5. How do you think theater will be affected by new digital technologies? Explain Your answer.

Digital technologies will have impact on theater in terms of theatrical productions, engagement of the audience and stage performance. Considerably, technology will change theatrical productions in the way a play or music is staged in a theater. Technology will change the onstage performance with computer generated effects and sounds. Technology has led to an interactive age in theaters thus making it possible for audience to engage in many ways such as recording live performance and offering feedbacks through social media.

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