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Play Money Paper | Cryptocurrency and Covid 19 Homework paper

Investment serves an instrumental role in achieving an individual’s or organization’s financial goals through selling appreciated assets or through earning interest. When wisely done, a $10,000 investment in stock has the potential to gain significantly. To ensure optimal results, an analysis of stock performance in the market would be appropriate. With an option to pick five stocks, I would allocate $2000 to each option. I would invest in both crypto currency with Bitcoin, and other stocks from Apple Inc. (AAPL), Facebook Inc., Nike Inc., and Alphabet (GOOGL). The motivation for investing in each of the five options is detailed below:

First, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) has been an interesting crypto currency for me. The potential it wields as a currency has interesting hype spike that makes the currency more interesting to invest in. Similar to other government backed currencies, the value of Bitcoin changes with those of currencies backed by governments. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the crypto-currencies and government-backed currencies have witnessed an upward trend, which makes this option ideal to invest.

Nike Inc. is a renowned multinational corporation that has over the years engaged in developing, designing, selling sports products. The reason for investing in Nike is that the company’s core business is fundamentally strong, which is a trend that has remained since the company was invented. Moreover, people continue to shift into wearable technologies, which is an option that has resulted in the company growing significantly. Furthermore, the company has the potential to remain profitable and its capturing a huge market of share, resulting in higher profit margins.

Since the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, may business have turned to operating online. As a result, social media has gained traction as an enabler of business success. For this reason, companies such as Facebook Inc. have significantly made huge profits from the increasing investments by businesses. Moreover, as a market leader in social media, Facebook Inc. has gained a significant growth, which makes it ideal for purchasing the company’s stock.

Apple Inc. is another option I am willing to buy its stock. Notably, my family members have over the years invested with the company and gained significant amounts. Moreover, the Similar to Facebook Inc., the pandemic has worked in favor of Apple, making the company a favorable option to invest.

Finally, the last company to invest would be Alphabet (GOOG). Alphabet is the parent company of Google. The company’s balance sheet indicates that a rising trend from 2015 to 2019. For instance, the shareholder’s equity has risen from $120.33 billion in 2015 to 201.44 billion. The trend makes this company an ideal option to trade my stocks. Moreover, they have over sixty percent of their cash in overseas, which reduce the tax incurred through a favorable rate of repatriation for shareholders (MarketWatch, n.d.).

 BitcoinGOOGFacebook Inc.Nike Inc.AAPL
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