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Plant-Based Diet and Meat Consumption | Research Paper Writing Help

The global meat industry is presently experiencing an unprecedented level of competition as a result of growth of vegan diets. Erica presents a full vegetarian menu that offers a wide range of options. At the same time, Maurice believes that the menu will lead to the loss of many clients despite the current menu having both vegetarian and meat options. However, Miranda is in a dilemma on how the transition from meat to the full vegan menu will impact the restaurant’s identity.

Erica’s and Maurice Perspective

In Erica’s perspective, a majority of the clients are vegan, and meat consumers are extinct. Therefore, the new menu will be a viable option for them. Veganism is no longer just a hot food trend, but a universal movement as more people are increasingly embracing the lifestyle. Moreover, changing the menu will perceive the restaurant as a more inclusive one as it will appeal to a broader market that is healthy and environmentally conscious. According to Graça, a research study indicates that a third of Australians are flexitarian and aim to reduce the consumption of meat (80). Maurice believes that the restaurant will experience significant problems and loss of clients. He remains hesitant as a result of the perceived lack of demand and the trouble of including vegan dishes to the menu. Moreover, Maurice feels that the vegan menu will clash with the restaurant brand and, therefore, will result to waste if clients order them once and fail to return. He feels it is essential to communicate with the clients with a sense of appreciation and empathy before changing the menu.

Another aspect of Erica’s perspective is that the consumption of meat products results in the short term and long-term effects on the environment. Production of meat has a gravely negative impact on environmental health, and the production of meat contributes to the rising cause of global warming, but not many consider this aspect. According to Tilman, BBC news reported that the production of meat accounts for a quarter of gas discharge (518). This entails the element of forestation as people have to cut down trees to cater for the domestic animals’ pasture. Moreover, environmental hazards comprising of air pollution, soil and water pollution are attributed to the increasing modern mechanisms of meat processing industries and farms. The energy required, along with gases released by the animals in the flatulence form, is the main grounds of significant contamination in the environment. However, Maurice defers based on the opinion of sustainable agriculture and not based on global warming. Besides the above ecological hazards caused by the production and consumption of meat, Maurice notes that it is also essential to evaluate the negative impacts associated with plant-based diets.  They comprise of using large amounts of water, using genetically improved crops and salty content such as the plant-based meat proposed by Erica.

Another reason for Erica’s proposal attributed to the health consciousness of the clients. There are high risks of not consuming a plant-based diet such as diabetes, heart ailments, stroke, and cancer. If the restaurant transitions to a vegan diet from an archetypal Western nutrition, it will exterminate all meat products. This will certainly result in heavy dependence on other dishes. In the case of all-foods vegan menu, substitutes take the form of granules, fruitlets, and vegetables. Since these foods make up a more substantial amount of a vegan diet than a typical meat-based nutrition, they can add to higher consumption of some valuable nutrients daily. They also seem to be more abundant in potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamins A, C, and E (McMacken 342). On the other hand, Maurice believes that despite the health hazards attributed to meat, its consumption also has numerous health benefits. They include boosting the immune system, long-standing energy, and repairing of body tissues. Moreover, it helps in the generation of hemoglobin, a rich source of protein as well as other vital amino acids. With a majority of the clients being adults, protein, and zinc in meat help in the growth and repair of muscles (Rothgerber 363).


Based on Maurice and Erica’s arguments, I would recommend the restaurant’s gradual transition from vegetarian to vegan options.  The restaurant needs to conduct more research and brainstorm on the specific dishes they may wish to include in their menu. The choices at their disposal are unlimited, ranging from vegan macaroni to vegan lentil soup as well as delightful vegan ice cream. The restaurant should also consider updating the online and offline menus as well as the iPad POS system. This is to guarantee the clients’ knowledge of what the restaurant offers and capturing actual transaction data for the business. Another recommendation is the addition of ways to indicate the meals are vegan. Having a section on the menu with vegan meals will create an impression on the clients that they considered them in each step of the way.

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