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Philosophy of Nursing Essay | Hire Homework Helper

Philosophy is essential as it offers a natural extension of one’s reality. That is, it aids nurses to identify the various ways of thinking about nursing knowledge and approaches to implement in practice. Moreover, it enlightens core content by assessing the nature of nursing and its key concepts. As such, it draws from the thinking of philosophers which is consistent with the practice’s basis. The philosophy has shaped my role as a nurse by providing me with an in-depth connection to the beliefs and values that led me into the profession. Besides, it has also strengthened my attitude, knowledge and skills.


Philosophy as a content relates to the phenomena of interest to the practice and discipline and addresses questions related to health, environment, and patients. It provides insights pertinent to the nursing practice. Such conceptualizations of the scope of nursing care and knowledge help understand their role within their setting. Furthermore, nurses are the pillar of health care. Patients are at the centre of care and given that they are unique, they should be cared for differently (Branch et al., 2016). In retrospect, the environment embodies support and safety which is the basis of nursing. Nurses help patient to heal and guide them on what to do in the healing process.

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Guidance from The Nursing Philosophy

One’s values lie at the core of their conduct and often displayed in the decisions and actions undertaken. As such, my philosophy has enabled me to reflect on the patient care experiences critically. Having a comprehensive account of such experiences aids my interactions with the patients and their families. Explaining my beliefs has helped me to be more self-aware of what prompts my professional practice.  Additionally, my philosophy has enabled me to understand my values and practice ethically (Bruce, Rietze and Lim, 2014). Nurses often care and interact with clients and colleagues whose values may conflict. Ethics and values can both inform and complicate relationship. Hence, by using my philosophy as a pivot I can guide the patient in a way that relates to their health problem. Articulating my values aids in promoting my overall professional conduct and helps in attaining better outcomes.

Professional Integrity, Equity, Ethics, And the Potential

Nurses are mandated to have awareness and knowledge regarding professional values as principles to offer ethical care. I believe professional values are essential in underpinning a person’s professional performance and identity. As such, by implementing them, I can reap occupational contentment and demonstrate my commitment to the organization. While there may be biases and ethical concerns, professional values offer me the support to respond to them accordingly. Nonetheless, the above variables have enabled me to examine the nursing practice perspective when it comes to the significance of their application in different settings. As a result, I can perceive the differences in the professional individuals’ values system, so creating a suitable working environment for practitioners (Poorchangizi et al., 2017). Besides, by acknowledging these variables as an integral part of practice, I am empowered to push the confines of health care conversations in attempts to review nursing principles and our roles within today’s health care. In this sense, I can highlight core issues that may have otherwise remained obscure without further probing.

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