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PewDiePie YouTube Channel Essay | Best Homework Helpers

The internet development has led to changes in entrepreneurship with modern entrepreneurs enjoying more resources at their fingertips than before. This is because the internet has not only offered new tools to the traditional entrepreneurs but also offered a new place of doing business. Rathee and Rajain (2017) states that digital entrepreneurship is the practice of pursuing new ventures presented by internet technologies and media. You Tube is one of the new media which offers a digital form and multimedia communication. You Tube is mainly utilized for video watching and interacting with content creators through replies and comments. You tube has allowed content creators to store and share videos online with their target audience, cover any topic they want and share the videos through other forms of social media, websites and email. This paper will focus on how PewDiepie, a Swedish you tuber has been able to build a career through You Tube.

PewDiepie is one of youtubers that has made a career for themselves through making youtube videos. PewDiepie joined You Tube gaming scene when there we no other gamers on you tube. Pewdiepie is one of the oldest channels that still uploads you tube videos. The timing enabled PewDiepie him to gain many gaming subscribers since there was no competition (Medina, Reed and Davis, 2020). He began by posting Let’s Play Videos that featured recordings of himself playing action and horror games. His eccentric humor and gaming skills enabled him gain followers very fast and became the highest gaming channel.


PewDiepie is known for comedic and let’s play formatted videos which have built his popularity to one of the most notable content creators and online personalities. Over the years, PewDiepie has been able to churn out many videos every month with a focus on creating quality pieces of content. The Channel has over 100 million subscribers with more than 4,000 videos. Gaming content is one of the most predominant content on you tube and with huge streaming services such as twitch gaming content which is increasingly growing than ever before on the internet. As you tube gamer, PewDiepie is able to connect with the gaming community socially though walk-throughs, let’s plays, reviews and reaction videos where he is able to increase the love for gaming activity thus gaining more viewers and subscribers.


The first step in getting to you tube gaming is identifying the audience and connecting with the audience (Wang and Chan-Olmsted, 2020). PewDiepie plays various games on his channel but the horror games are his bread and butter. He focuses on staying within the gaming niche and growing the channel into one of the biggest names in gaming today. While playing different games on you tube, one is likely to find a genre or a game that attracts more engagements or views. For instance, PewDiepie focused on horror games and made more horror game videos. This strategy has been effective in growing the channel alloy faster as compared to playing random games. The horror game videos have more views compared to other. Most of PewDiepie content resonates with most of his audience which makes it more appropriate rather than just having a mere You Tube channel.

PewDiepie has increased interactions with the audience through filming his game play, writing a book and producing short films. PewDiepie has been able to raise their profile in the gaming industry through the gaming videos and Lets play sessions. Additionally, PewDiepie also offers his audience chances for involvement through chat sessions and interactions on comment sections and also allowing his audience to choose the game he plays. Engagement is one of the most essential ways of driving brand loyalty. PewDiepie has ensured that the foundation of his image on You Tube creates value and an evolutionary brand image.

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