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Personal Values and Professional Communication Style

Human beings possess the values that they have acquired throughout their lives. Personal values are vital in influencing our impacts and judgment we make on the support our clients get from us. For a clear understanding between clients and me, a collaborative personal values and professional communication style is needed. It is relevant to understand the impacts your values will cause when you come across a client who does not act in the same ways you agree, clients with different values. With the use of relevant professional communication style, we should be able to avoid imposing our values to clients which can cause a complicated relationship (Personal values, beliefs, and attitudes, 2020)

It is of importance to avoid providing services and options to clients basing on what we feel is right; rather, we associate and work with the client according to what is right for them. It is essential to remember that they are living their life. Thus, making decisions on the way they should live their life is upon them. Clients are likely to feel judged and damaged self-worth if we try to impose our moral values on them. Furthermore, clients are likely to refuse you and your values, but if you accept clients’ values, they possess with time the relationship develop and become strong. Regardless of who the client may be and their behavior, they deserve the right treatment as human beings. Therefore, when clients are respected, they will feel valued and important with optimum conditions that will allow them to utilize their potentials maximumly. Effective professional communication style will help you to build trust with the client, resolve conflicts and stop others from rising, ensure there is clarity, enhance client engagement, develop productivity, establish good relationships, and encourages team building. Effective communication will assist you in portraying ethical values to your clients and help in preventing any misunderstandings (Apodaca, 2020).

Correlation between Students Personal Values and their own Professional Communication Style

Students’ values are essential in defining their professional communication style. Personal values inform their words, actions, and thoughts for effective communication helping them to develop and grow upright in society. Students’ values are responsible for establishing the future they want to encounter. Decisions made by students will tend to reflect their values directed in relation to a particular purpose. Professional communication style will help in ensuring that students have the ability to sensing values held by them and others to help them not offending individuals through infringing values. Students are not born with these values, but they instilled in them either by parents, teachers or developed in their daily lives. Thus, the acquired values can be positive or negative depending on individuals and a key point to note is that individuals live lives as per these values. Being mindful with people’s values is the way to have better communication. This is no indication to adhere to their views, but rather make our views clear and in case of sensing unreceptive to our opinions, it is moral to welcome partners to voice their views concerning the issues (Robinson & Segal, 2019). Therefore, professional communication to occur between people, there is a need to be clear with our point of views and listen to the views of others. With respect to individual personal values, communications can be meaningful and continuous.

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