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Personal Statement: Essay Sample

Since my childhood, I have always wanted to pursue a career that allows me to solve problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Even though challenging, the nursing career will expose me to a wide range of issues that hinder individuals from accomplishing their desired goals and objectives. I am looking forward to dealing with different aspects of nursing such as patient care and the adoption of recommended healthy lifestyle approaches. Having watched some of my closest friends get distracted by traumatic events in their families has always triggered me to develop ideas that can help them overcome the underlying issues. However, the nursing practitioners who go beyond our expectations and develop a set of viable solutions has become a fascinating concept that encourages me to pursue the nursing profession and join the heroes and heroines in the medical world.

Nursing is a noble profession that requires one to have a calling, which guides them during their interactions with other people in their surroundings. As humans, we are easily controlled by our emotions, which dictate our approach and attitude towards the different life events taking place in our surroundings. For instance, the feelings of rage can easily interfere with one’s ability to form relationships with other people. Although nurses have a human perspective, many of the health professionals have identified a working strategy that allows them to bond with patients by creating an enabling environment where they can express themselves.

In my role as an enhanced support worker, I have helped families overcome emotional breakdowns caused by the worsening health status of their loved ones. Even though I have not been perfect, my input has had a significant impact on their ability to come to terms with the unpredictable outcomes that interfere with the different needs affecting individuals in their surroundings. Besides my provision of emotional support, I have also stepped up in performing other related tasks such as paperwork and personal care, which has gone a long way in yielding the much-needed positive outcomes. I have learned the best practices that I should use to enable individuals to accomplish their desired outcomes and succeed in their efforts to overcome the underlying health issues.

I intend to prioritize my assignments and complete them within the recommended timeline to avoid the deadline rush that will have a negative impact on my performance. Through my interactions with peers, I will lead them in finding a dedicated study space where we can hold discussions and engage on various issues that can improve our understanding of the medical concepts. During my free time, I will volunteer in a health facility to enhance my experience and understanding of the various processes that have a significant impact on the patients’ recovery process and emotional stability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of nurses and other medical practitioners in our society. By becoming a nursing professional, I intend to contribute towards the realization of health outcomes that positively influence the perspectives of individuals towards life. To realize these outcomes, I will prioritize my assignments and identify a group of like-minded peers whom we can discuss various issues affecting individuals in the medical world. By enhancing my medical experience and understanding, I am confident in my abilities to become a reliable nursing practitioner who helps patients and their families overcome challenges affecting their perspectives towards life.

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