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Personal Statement – Homework Paper Sample

I am the first born in a family of three where I am the only girl. My younger brothers view me as their role models because of my various accomplishments I have attained over the years. Ever since I was a child, I was committed to honor my parents because of the Christian upbringing I was exposed to when growing up. Although there are instances where I failed to adhere to the stipulated guidelines, a conversation with my parents regarding my wrongdoing and behavior always brought me back to the light. I am grateful for the parenting approach used by my parents because of its influence in my life as an adult.

Growing up, my mother was a stay-at-home mom while my father provided for the family. Life in Puerto Rico was difficult, especially after moving in from New York, where I was born. However, my father ensured that we never lacked anything, a move that compelled him to work even harder than before to elevate his family. During his free time, he bonded with us and taught me how to take care of my young brothers as their eldest sister. Together, we developed a strong bond that has become a uniting factor today. We reminisce the good old times and try to relive the memories during holidays and religious functions such as Christmas where we hold lunch and dinner dates as a family.

I am a parent now who has been blessed with a son and daughter, who has given rise to a granddaughter. I am the happiest grandmother around especially after remembering the joy my mother had when I gave birth to my son and daughter. Even though they have moved out, I spent a lot of time with my daughter and his young family to ensure they understand the importance of exposing their children to the Church in their early age. However, I only assume a helping role on demand to avoid interfering with their family matters, which form a critical aspect of family.

Being raised in a Christian family exposed me to an enabling environment where I could learn various elements of life that range from religious values to recommended practices. I admired the love my parents had for each other and how they replicated it during their interactions with me and my brothers. I am forever grateful to their disciplinary approach that discouraged me from engaging in misdemeanors. I have strived to recreate a similar context with my children to ensure they benefit from the same morals that were imparted in me by their grandparents. As a new grandmother, I am always talking to my daughter to pursue her ambitions in life and encouraging her to reach out whenever she faces difficulties in her life as a parent.

I am thankful to my parents for the parenting approach they used to oversee our childhood because of its influence in my life as an adult. I have seen the importance of mutual respect and its impact on the quality of relations one can have with other people in their surroundings. Given that I am a Christian, I encourage my son and daughter to align their interests with God because of His influence in our lives. I am avid reader of the Bible because of its ability to provide counsel at the darkest hour.

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