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Personal Reflection on Course Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Over the duration of this course, I have learned various insights, which will positively influence my interaction with those in need and fellow case workers. I am now aware of the ethical practices that should be used to solve different issues affecting individuals in their surroundings (Steffens, 2015). Understanding the ethical practices surrounding my profession will ensure that my approach in solving problems affecting individuals will yield favorable results. In the same vein, I am now an avid supporter of team work because of its impact on the quality of outcomes. Besides, embracing diversity by participating in teams exposes one to different ideas that define your perspective towards life.

By being exposed to information literacy, I acquired a wide range of knowledge and other related skills that are critical in my practice. For instance, the program on HIV and AIDS demonstrated the best approaches that social workers can use to develop viable solutions affecting individuals in their surroundings (Dickerson, Lindner, Scurich, & Quas, 2017). While the primary goal is to treat the sickly, exposing them to an enabling environment that accommodates their feelings and mood changes enhances their recovery process. The concept of diversity was reinforced by the sessions that exposed us to the cultural and religious interpretations of death (Commisceo Global, 2020). I am now more tolerant to cultural differences because of this program.

I believe my interpersonal relations have significantly improved because of the ability of individuals to accomplish different goals that focus on creating change in the contemporary society. Although individuals are supposed to realize their goals in life by aligning their interests with the societal expectations, seeking knowledge plays an important role that discourages individuals from committing mistakes (RefBlair, Helland, & Walton, 2017). I intend to use the skills and concepts gained from this unit in my interactions with other people, especially when developing viable solutions that can be used to address the emerging issues.

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