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Personal Developmental Needs | Research Paper Help

Personal development is significant in assessing qualities and skills one possesses to help in achieving their goals and objectives by maximining one’s potential (Tattum, & Tattum, 2017). According to analyzes of the self-assessment quiz I have identified two developmental needs that require improvement based on my behavior. The first personal need is that I avoid controversy in dealing with others. Avoidance of controversy is a trait that is considered to be appropriate since it eliminates the instances of conflicts, enmity and arguments with others. However, the behavior has negative impacts because by avoiding controversy I avoid honest communication with others therefore I cannot express my true feelings, understanding, and knowledge.

In addition, avoiding controversy limits my contribution, increases my frustrations and affects my relationships with others. Therefore, personal development is necessary which is mainly through expressing myself without fear of disappointing others or encountering conflict. Expressing, myself will provide an opportunity where I can contribute to agendas, disagree with inappropriate opinions and communicate honestly on all matters. More so, I will implement plans meant to solve any confrontations that I encounter to ensure minimum effects of the conflicts.

Another personal behavior that needs improvement is my tendency of multitasking when people are talking to me. Multitasking is beneficial in completing various tasks at once as I often find myself engaging in other activities such as doing my assignment or researching a topic online when someone is talking to me. The behavior has affected my relationships and communication because I do not pay attention to information being passed often making the other person angry and also contributes to errors in my activities. To improve on the behavior, I intend on avoiding multitasking by paying more attention to the person speaking and carrying out one activity at a time. Avoiding multitasking will eliminate errors in my assignments and contribute to more meaningful and engaging conversations therefore maintaining my relationships.

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