Personal Communication Style

Communication is a vital process that links community members. Adopting the right communication style helps to define a person. I am an assertive communicator. I always express my needs, desires, and feelings to other people. At the same time, I also allow them to express their ideas and opinions. For instance, when handling a negotiation, I always strive to meet a win-win situation while balancing my rights and those of other individuals. My assertive communication tactic helps me to interact with others effectively.

Personal patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving when interacting with professionals aligned to the Human Services Field

The human services sector is one of the key industries that require effective communication processes. I always interact with parties such as clients, co-workers, government officials, and other distinguished professionals. During these engagements, I often portray personal views, ideas, and opinions, depending on my thoughts and expected behavior. Depending on the situation at hand, I often adopt a distinct approach of thinking, feeling, and behavior. This supports me in developing appropriate ideas and views while at the same time, offering others the opportunity to air out their perspectives. I understand that everyone has their thinking and behavior patterns. As Ibrahim and Ismail (2007) state, due to individual differences, views and perceptions vary. Therefore, my assertiveness approach helps me establish an equal ground when interacting with various parties that may have differential views and opinions.

Impact of the assertiveness communication style in interactions

Assertiveness is based on mutual respect. Pipas and Jaradat (2010) state that assertive communication is a process that considers and respects the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of other persons. Notably, it also respects their rights while at the same time, creating a room for open discussions. Personally, the assertiveness method helps me to respect the different ideas, opinions, and views raised in a group setting. This aids in eliminating potential conflicts likely to affect unity and togetherness. Overall, respect is a crucial factor that helps me to interact and associate with other individuals successfully.

Explanation of values, culture, lifestyle, personal needs, and self-identity

I have been raised in a family setting where the people close to me passed vital values. My ability to interact with others successfully is based on the vital values passed to me. Culture act as another influential factor. Exposure to the way of life in my community also aided in the acquisition of essential characteristics. Cultural experiences and perceptions significantly affect people’s actions and behavior (Giri, 2006). I have always tapped positive experiences and perceptions. This allows me to interact with others irrespective of their background. My lifestyle, personal needs, and self-identity reflect an individual keen on meeting others’ needs and interests. I do not only focus on my issues but those that define other community members.

Affective communication style and its effect on future career

My communication style poses a threat to my career. I have cultivated a personal perspective based on the expression of views and opinions honestly and openly. As Gultekin, Ozdemir, and Budak (2018) state, assertiveness integrated personal expression while at the same time considering the rights and thoughts of other persons. In the learning setting, everyone has a distinct thought pattern, feelings, and emotions. I believe that my approach places me at a disadvantage due to potential limiting factors. For example, my decision to pursue my career may not be welcomed by other individuals who would give me various reasons to support their views. Listening to them and accommodating their ideas and views may prompt me to adopt a different course of action as far as my career is concerned. I might change or abandon my career by listening to others due to the adoption of an honest and open tactic.






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