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Personal Application Questions | Reflection Paper Writing help

Question 1: Experience

My desire to help others inspires me to become a nurse as well as improves my commitment and drives me to become a successful and committed nurse. Helping others is not only good for them but also makes a person happier and healthier. Helping others has enriched my life, familiarized me with the community and connected me to people and ideas that have positively impacted my perspective of life. The commitment to families and people and advocating for others through meaningful connections inspires my nursing career. I love connecting with people and always have feel satisfaction when helping others achieve their goals. For me, helping people is a way of life which make me more committed to care. Considerably, caring does not only begin at the door step of the healthcare setting in which I work. I have engaged in valuable outlets through serving as a volunteer in the community service project such as environmental projects and public outreach. The community has benefited from such programs through ensuring the community is a better place to work and live in. I’ve been able to take care of other family members who needed help one way or another. All these experiences inspire me in being a nurse and to be able to be there for the people who need me and not just my family members. Seeing others achieve their care needs through my efforts has increased my commitment in the provision of care. I have learnt the importance of remaining commitment in provision of optimal care to promote my career as well as meet my goals.


Question 2: Attributes

A patient was brought into the healthcare setting by family members who complained of extreme mood changes, excessive worries and fears as well as extreme feelings of guilt. With regard to the symptoms, the patient required mental health treatment. Ideally, the provision of treatment for the patient required collaborative care. Collaborative care entails an intervention that aims at fostering close working connection between the healthcare team providing care (Minton et al., 2018). The collaborative care was focused on improving both physical and mental health outcomes. The collaborative care plan prioritized on the values and preference of the patient with the lived experience of the mental health problem. A more personalized and holistic approach to the patient allowed them to the partners in the provision of their own care. The mental health professional team included social workers, occupational therapists and mental health nurses. During the provision of care in the mental health treatment of the patient I demonstrated accountability through complying with the professional standards and the nursing scope of practice to promote quality care. Considerably, in mental healthcare, nurses are expected to be clear about their principles in which they base their scope of practice. I was able to acknowledge and balance the range if perspectives on what acceptable care standards entails. For instance, I had to balance between standards of healthcare that will influence the view of nursing care since what is acceptable to a nurse may fail to be acceptable to the patient. Collaborative care and accountability improved the mental health outcome of the patient since they demonstrated positive thinking and change in behavioral patterns.

Question 3: Values

In 2018, while admitted in hospital, I encountered social cultural barriers that limited an ethnic minority patient-provider interactions. The limited cultural literacy of the healthcare provider influenced their ability to offer effective care. One of the reasons for the difference is that most nurses have developed certain perceptions about different cultures over time due to lack of accurate information and education about that culture. This experience made me feel the need to increase cultural awareness in order to care for the diverse populations without biasness and with respect to human dignity and rights.

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