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Personal Analysis Essay | Online Homework Help for Students


Currently, I am taking a major in finance to accomplish my aspiration of becoming a financial analyst. I selected the option due to its narrow focus. I have always desired to build and cultivate an outgoing and inquisitive personality over time. Undertaking the Finance major option has given me the chance to develop these vital traits. The finance segment also contains growing job prospects and broad variety of job opportunities. Everyone desires to advance to the next level in their profession. I am not sure if I want to pursue Master’s in Finance.

External and Internal Cues

External Cues

After evaluation of the job market, I realized that advancing one’s career does not always increase the chances of acquiring an excellent job opportunity. I learned this from a close friend who decided to leave her job for career advancement. Later, she failed to secure a job despite having a Masters in Finance. Thus, I may concentrate on working to attain the relevant experience and possibly depend on it in seeking higher opportunities. Challenges are inevitable, and we should all learn to deal with them as opposed to escaping them. Generally, I take my time to evaluate any issue at hand, determine how I can deal with it and the likely solutions I have at my disposal. Also, I search what other people did to handle such limitations. As per the problems yet to occur, I develop proactive measures and strategies for dealing with possible problems.

At times, I expect some challenges to occur. I always seek out the assistance of people I look up to. For example, I consult my mentor to help me find viable solutions to the challenges I may encounter. The exposure has enabled me to distinguish between relevant information from that which generates none or minimal results. I have learned that I am attentive, patient, and detailed. I take my time to listen to someone attentively before arriving significant conclusions. If someone highlights that I have a problem, I take it positively. I always treat people with respect and admiration. This has enabled me to develop lasting relationships with others. Notably, it has allowed me to accept limitations and work towards eliminating the prevailing problems.

Internal Cues

Exposure to challenges makes me feel anxious and frustrated. I often feel like I have failed in my engagements when faced with a problem. These emotions greatly benefit me in finding a quality and lasting solution to the problem. I would never want to be in such a similar situation and therefore focus on developing and implementing an excellent approach. If I come up with a weak strategy, it only deals with the issue in the short-term but fails to handle long-term complexities.

Analysis and Synthesis

The experience I have had has exposed me to greater insights regarding my interests, values, and skills. Some of the skills that I possess include effective communication, ability to work under pressure, time management, decision-making among others. I have an interest in helping people find solutions to challenges they may be going through. I also possess values such as dependability, open-mindedness, honesty, and consistency. Over time, I have realized that I possess these key values and skills while engaged in different organizational activities. The utilization of the Typefocus and Strong Interest Inventory enabled me to develop significant corporate elements such as interests, values, and skills. For example, consistency and open-mindedness are some of the major values I attained while using the two approaches. These tools deal with evaluation of personality type and determination of the resources needed to build a better future. While evaluating my individual preferences, I came to realize that I enjoy helping address challenges. For instance, I set my time appropriately, engage effective communication, and cultivate honesty as I interact with other people. Class-based activities which have also permitted me to build an appropriate personality includes question and answer forums, teamwork exercises, and debates.

I intend to follow up on the Financial Analyst and Financial Planner finance careers. Financial Planner deals with investment decisions by supporting clients’ focus on potential investment vehicles. Financial Analysts handle stocks and bonds in efforts to advise bankers and investors on issues such as mergers and acquisitions. These professionals rely on financial models and quantitative analysis to present viable data and information. My values, interests, and skills will enable me serve customers better by assisting them in making important financial decisions. Financial analysis earns an average of $65,817 per year (Financial Analyst Salaries, 2019). As for financial planners, they earn an average pay of $59,142 yearly (Financial Planner Salaries, 2019). These careers are increasing due to the demand for financial support by the banking sector and investors as well. The Holland Code is used to assess personality types while evaluating careers and job opportunities.


My career decision will directly impact my friends and family. I have always spent too much time with them, and the decision to venture into the financial world will affect them. I will spend most of my time working leaving limited time for friends and family. My little sibling is always looking out for me to spend quality time with her and bond. She will be the most affected because I will limit the time I spend with her. Notably, I will participate less in the groups I have formed over time due to work engagements. Thus, important people to consider in my decision entail friends, families, and social groups that I have formed over time. For instance, my family will need my financial assistance, and I will need to select an option that gives me a higher pay to cater to their needs. I intend to select an option characterized by job flexibility, opportunities for growth and career advancement, as well as personal growth.


The financial analyst career is my most admirable option. I intend to speak to my mentor and friends who are already working as financial analysis to acquire a clear picture of it. Speaking to my mentor will allow men to generate deeper insights connected to career growth and advancement. The mentor has a deeper understanding of the financial sector and will walk with me all through the journey. Also, speaking to my friends who work as financial analysts will give me an ideal picture of what happens on the ground. The financial analyst field entails critical elements such as projects, budgets, and business-evaluation. Understanding and familiarizing with these aspects will prepare me for what to expect once I commence operations. I feel that most people fail to meet the requirements due to the lack of crucial expose regarding what happens in the financial analyst segment. Thus, I believe understanding these key concepts will place me at an advantage and meet the expected milestones and objectives.

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