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Performative Acts and Gender constitution

Page 522, Performative Acts and Gender constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory, Sex/Gender: Feminist and phenomenological views.

Why would the term woman be considered as a historic idea rather than a natural fact?

To be termed as a woman, a person has to be female naturally. However, a woman has to occupy the laid down guidelines traditionally for her to be termed as one. One has to meet the cultural requirements of being a woman. The historic idea of a woman has to be displayed. The historic view of being a woman has to be obeyed. I cannot understand why being woman is considered a historic idea. One was born female and that gives them the capability to become a woman whether they follow the societal view of becoming a woman or not. The historic view of a woman keeps females at a hard place where consequences are to be faced in case one does not follow the cultural expectations of becoming a woman. Gender should be looked at as a natural fact entirely since nobody decides which gender they prefer to take, it is predetermined. It is not comprehensible why one has to follow preset ideas to determine whether one is a woman or not. Looking at being a woman as a historic idea ought to be explained deeper since it does not add up from a personal perspective.

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