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Performance Appraisal Methods: Homework Help Online

Performance appraisal is a regular review of a worker’s performance and overall contribution. Its primary focus is to evaluate employee’s skills and achievements and avail of appropriate feedback that attracts behavior and action change. It also facilitates modification of behavior and provides managers with the opportunity to judge future assignments. The key jobs of evaluation, in this case, is office manager, engineer, and an accountant. These positions attract the use of the 360 Degree, Psychological Appraisal, and Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting Method. Performance appraisal provides an opportunity to sharpen skills to achieve improved achievements and growth.

Appropriate Performance Appraisal Methods for the Jobs

Office Manager

The 360 Degree Approach

360 degree is a useful performance appraisal method for an office manager position. It generates useful feedback across multiple levels within a firm (Jafari, Bourouni & Amiri, 2009). A worker is rated from distinct sides, and different people give wider details about their competencies. Any person at the managerial level is expected to associate and interact with other fellow workers across numerous units. An office manager position attracts the use of the 360-degree perspective as it incorporates the interaction between the manager and the people around them. It not only examines the managers’ productivity and performance but how they relate with other workers.


The 360-degree method produces a well-rounded assessment of a manager’s job performance and interaction with all staff levels. A managerial position is one of the crucial positions in the workplace, and these professionals are expected to create a conducive working environment. A manager’s treatment and handling of the workforce determines performance and success. Thus, the use of the 360-degree performance appraisal puts into consideration the manager relations with fellow workers and junior officers.


The Psychological Appraisal Method

A psychological appraisal is a key method in assessing the performance and potential of an engineer in the workplace. Its primary focus is on a worker’s future performance as opposed to their past outcomes (Khanna & Sharma, 2014). This method places more concern on an officer’s potential in subsequent years. Engineers are professionals expected to oversee their organization to greater heights by utilizing creative and critical thinking abilities to solve issues.


Engineering is an occupation that calls for the integration of crucial skills such as cognitive abilities, intelligence, and emotional quotient. The potentiality of an officer in effectively handling crucial challenges likely to occur in the future is a key reason for the performance assessment. The psychological appraisal helps to examine if a worker can manage and handle risks and threats likely to affect the organization in the future.


The Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting Method

It is highly valuable when measuring the performance of an accountant. It assesses an officer’s monetary benefit into an organization. This method identifies, measures, and discloses data about the people working in a business as they are deemed as an accounting resource (Arkan, 2016). It incorporates the cost incurred in selecting a particular worker and their economic values. The accounting profession calls for the integration of this appraisal method as it allows a close examination of a worker’s cost and value.


Accountants deal with financial matters in the business setting. They control, manage, and oversee quality financial operations. Inadequate attention to existing financial loopholes could cost a business massive resources. This derails a firm’s set milestones and objectives. An accountant failing to control financial operations exposes the business to minimal growth. Their existence in the business generates an increased cost compared to their value. Thus, the Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting method becomes a quality way of measuring an accountant’s performance.


Performance appraisal remains a crucial strategy in the workplace. It examines a worker’s current and expected future performance to integrate appropriate strategies of improving their contribution in a business setting. The effective use of an appraisal method enables a firm to adjust its processes accordingly for improved outcomes.

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