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People Should Drink Cold Water | Argumentative Essay Example

Water plays a critical role in people’s lives because of its ability to enable individuals to perform their daily tasks in the workplace and beyond. Many studies have highlighted the commodity to be a necessity in aiding different body parts to play their roles and contribute towards the general body wellness of an individual. From this observation, concerns have emerged from the populace concerning the state in which people should drink water. A section of existing research points to a scenario where people should drink cold water because of its ability to relieve the body from any toxins that expose an individual to harm. Understanding the benefits that accrue from drinking water enables a government to improve the overall wellness of its citizens, an activity that often yields positive outcomes to the development of the country. Based on the importance of water, people should make informed opinions that enable them to overcome issues hindering their growth and development. Conducting this study will highlight the various benefits associated with cold water. By focusing on the impact of cold water on the lifestyle of an individual, it becomes possible for one to address issues that interfere with their perspectives towards life. Importantly, breaking the myths associated with cold water will enable one to understand the approaches he or she should take in taking control over his or her life. However, the majority believe that consuming water in its natural cold state has more benefits to an individual because of its impact on their thought process and formulation of decisions that influence their lifestyles. By consuming cold water, individuals benefit from various advantages that enable them to overcome issues taking place in their immediate environment. People should be urged to drink cold water because since it plays an important biological role in the human body.

Evidence Analysis

Informing individuals about the benefits of drinking water is the starting point towards realizing the objectives outlined in the study. Given the changing nature of individuals, one can easily overcome issues that slow down growth and development. However, following the misconception that cold water might be dangerous to one’s health and that people should embrace cold water; this research will explore the benefits of each state of water and offer informed arguments that reflect on the changing needs of individuals (Saketkhoo 409). By highlighting the functions of each state of water, this study will develop a set of benefits and disadvantages that will focus on informing individuals about the importance of drinking water. Differentiation of the benefits associated with cold water can be helpful to individuals around the globe because of their ability to overcome issues that hinder their interaction with other people in their surroundings. Overcoming health challenges has become an essential aspect in the modern-day because of different conditions associated with unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, providing solutions to modern problems requires individuals to embrace the recommended way of life and embark on a journey of consuming water when undertaking their activities.

When involved in strenuous activities such as running and cycling, athletes should understand the preferred state of water they should consume. In this regard, body temperature should be considered before one can drink any beverage. While source water is not the only commodity whose temperature should be evaluated, understanding the approaches one should consider before engaging in any activity cushions them from experiencing any adverse outcomes that affect their functionality (Khamnei et al. 718). Engaging in strenuous activities such as exercises or running triggers the body to demand water, an aspect that is captured through the feeling of thirst. Besides, staying for long without drinking water compels the body to yearn for water, an element that triggers individuals to drink the commodity. In many instances, medical professionals urge individuals to drink small amounts of water, even when the body is not pushing them to consume it. Despite the approaches used by individuals to remain hydrated, the state of water has been found to have varied effects on the body. Understanding the right amounts of water, one should drink daily streamlines their body to adjust to the constant practice of staying hydrated. However, balancing the state in which one drinks their water has a wide range of benefits that can be explored through engaging in activities that prompt the body to request for water (Bianca 77). Therefore, understanding the different aspects that influence one’s consumption of water is an essential practice that inspires individuals to overcome their perspectives towards the water. Burdon et al. discovered that body performance increased when athletes consumed cold drinks after their exercise, as opposed to beverages that were either lukewarm or mild hot (1150). From this realization, the scholars urge individuals to understand their body functionality and focus on establishing a pattern that complements their lifestyles. On many occasions, the public is exposed to a wide range of health risks that affect their attitudes towards life. In this research process, the study will highlight the health implications of cold water to prevent individuals from making uninformed decisions that could affect their lifestyle. Since water assumes the temperature of the environment, it is exposed to, exploring the impact of the varying temperature will enable people to understand the health benefits associated with both cold waters. Hence, creating awareness of the recommended water practices will shape the perspectives of individuals towards life and overcome their misconceptions that interfere with their attitudes towards life. Understanding the approaches that individuals can use to improve their body functions plays a vital role in enhancing aspects that contribute to their growth and development in the modern world. Creating viable solutions improve productivity and hinder the body from engaging in activities that focus on enhancing their performance in their immediate environment. In one of the New York Times articles, O’Connor discusses the dangers associated with drinking hot water from the tap. Scientists argue that unlike cold water, contaminants, and other toxic materials dissolve quickly in hot water, exposing individuals to a series of challenges that affect their lifestyles (O’Connor). Many taps in homes around the U.S. and beyond contain lead, which presents individuals to health risks that hinder their focus towards attaining their health objectives. Lead has been mentioned to affect the brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS), which affects the growth and development of children in their immediate environment.

From this realization, individuals should consider the approaches they use to prepare their water because of the numerous health risks associated with the consumption of the necessary commodity. While lead is unavailable in source water, corroding plumbing allows the metal to gain entry into freshwater, which becomes dangerous primarily through hot tap water. Contrary to widespread expectations, boiling tap water that has lead components does not eliminate it but increases its concentration, which affects the health perspectives of individuals in their immediate environment. Many people struggling with obesity can resume their journey to healthy living by increasing their daily consumption of water, which expedites an individual’s metabolism (Gadelkareem et al. 130). By so doing, the body burns fats quickly because of the increased metabolism caused by the consumption of water and other aspects that contribute to the realization of different issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Primarily, water helps in the digestion of food, which eliminates cases such as bloating that affect the normal functioning of an individual. For this reason, consuming water in its natural state has various benefits that can enable individuals to overcome challenges taking place in their surroundings.


Benefits of Water Consumption

Many scholars have presented their arguments on why individuals should increase their daily water intake to overcome issues affecting their lifestyle. However, Kent Health Care Products created an all-rounded explanation that captures the intrinsic details revolving around water consumption. Water contributes to the effective functioning of the brain, eyesight, and muscles, which makes it an essential component in people’s lifestyles. By drinking water, individuals allow their bodies to function effectively and conduct activities without any reservations, such as illnesses. Importantly, water consumption enhances metabolism and also fosters the digestion of different food products consumed by individuals in their immediate environment. Noting the benefits of water on the skin and general body appearance, individuals are supposed to increase their amounts of water that they consume every day. Therefore, increasing the daily water intake exposes individuals to an enabling environment where they can assume control of their lives and steer it towards a point of excellence where they discover their potential.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Importantly, cold water regulated body temperatures and exposes individuals to an enabling environment where they can perform various duties that define their identity in the community. Coldwater is a critical player in the weight loss journey because of its ability to reduce one’s appetite for different food products. Importantly, drinking plenty of water replenishes one’s mood and encourages them to pursue activities in their immediate environment (Błażejewski). By drinking cold water, individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle that enables them to discover their changing objectives in life. Conducting research and creating awareness on the approach individuals should use to overcome issues affecting their immediate environment informs their decision-making process and enables them to emerge victorious in any activity they undertake. For this reason, the public should be informed about the approaches one can take to overcome challenges associated with their lifestyle.


People should be urged to drink water because of its ability to lubricate the joints, boost skin health, and maintain blood pressure. Conducting this research was influenced by the need for individuals to discover their potential and overcome issues that interfere with their perspectives towards life. Cold water has varied benefits that shape people’s attitudes. However, cold water allows individuals to enjoy the benefits associated with the varying temperatures exposed to source water. When engaged in activities such as exercising, individuals should understand the impact of each water state and embrace them in their lifestyle. Even though some of the arguments made by the scholars are misleading, this research explores the numerous benefits associated with cold water. Thus, the world should be informed about the benefits that can be tapped from drinking lots of cold and warm water.

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