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Patient Story Videos | College Homework Help

Storytelling is an important process that exposes individuals to a wide range of information, which enables them to accomplish their desired goals and objectives. In the nursing environment, storytelling allows medical practitioners to understand the patient’s perspectives by following their statements about their overall health. While tiny bits of information may get lost when writing, capturing stories on video exposes physicians to accurate information regarding the patient’s statements about their conditions. This way, it becomes impossible to overlook certain aspects that can be missed through written patient statements.

Patient story videos allow third parties to monitor a person’s facial expression when talking about their health. For instance, a physician can identify whether a patient is in pain by watching them through the videos unlike reading a written report about their statements. In this regard, storytelling through videos is highly essential in the nursing context because of its ability to convey both emotions and the actual feelings manifested by patients when talking about various aspects affecting their health status (Grissinger, 2014). Therefore, stories provoke the thought process of individuals and compel individuals to pay attention to various concerns expressed by the patient.

It should be noted that stories trigger change in the medical environment because of the ability of medical practitioners to relate with the patient’s perspective about their condition. However, storytelling in healthcare is often faced by a wide range of challenges such as legal and public disclosure concerns that hinder individuals from responding to the primary health issues. In this case, individuals are expected to align their interests with different processes that influence the perspectives of individuals towards the best treatment approaches, which resolve the underlying health issues.




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