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Patient Satisfaction and Patient Safety | College Homework Help


Patient satisfaction is an essential indicator utilized in assessing the quality of care within the healthcare system. Patient satisfaction and patient safety is a top priority to the healthcare teams. Considerably, many hospitals have focused on the improvement of patient outcomes and satisfaction. Hourly rounding has been one of the most effective initiatives in healthcare settings aimed at improving healthcare and promoting patient-centered communication between patients, staff, and their loved ones to facilitate better outcomes. This initiative has ensured that nurses have proactively attended to the patients’ needs at the scheduled intervals. Hourly rounding has been a significant element that improves patient safety and satisfaction within the hospital setting.

Blakley, Kroth, and Gregson (2011) stated that nurse rounding offers the patients an opportunity to be engaged in their care, which makes them feel cared for. Blakley, Kroth, and Gregson (2011) reviewed a Gallup Corporation study that utilized a 4P rounding process. This study paid attention to positioning, potty, pain, and placement of personal items. The nurse’s hourly rounding assessed these particular needs, which showed a reduction in the number of times the patients rang the call bell. Therefore, the findings of this article shown that implementation of the intentional hourly rounding made significant differences in the patient’s perception of nursing as well as addressed the patient’s safety concerns.

According to Brosey & March (2015), structured hourly nurse rounding is an essential method that improves patients’ satisfaction and clinical outcomes. The evaluation of this program in the study by Brosey & March (2015) describes outcomes linked to the utilization of nursing hourly rounds in a medical-surgical unit within a large community hospital. The results of the study indicated an increase in the responsiveness of healthcare staff, as well as a reduction in the patient, falls within the projected period.

According to Hicks (2015), falls have been linked to trauma-related and non-fatal injuries among nurses in hospitals. This has been directly linked to the quality of care by nurses in the hospital setting. The study by Hicks (2015) has indicated that rounding has reduced the number of falls and increased patient satisfaction within hospitals. Nurses are responsible for the safety of the patient, which entails the identification of patients that are at risk of falling. Rounding is an essential process since it intentionally checks on the patients regularly to proactively meet their needs. According to the findings by Hicks (2015), hourly rounding is an essential action among nurses since it improves patient safety, and lowers falls by 50% in hospitals. Hourly rounding addresses the 4Ps and assesses the hospital setting to address safety issues.

Lyons, Brunero & Lamont (2015) claim that enforcement of hourly rounding may impact the nursing process and influence the nurse-patient relationship. This article argues that nursing rounds may be considered more of a checklist task than a comprehensive assessment of every patient. Patients want to feel engaged and valued every time they require assistance, but not when it’s convenient for the nurses.


The articles have been based on the outcomes of nurse hourly rounding. The studies have revealed that hourly nursing rounding increases patient satisfaction, call bell usage and a reduction in falls. Based on the studies conducted in all four articles, the findings indicate a correlation between nursing rounds’ implementation and increased patient satisfaction. Hourly rounding, as indicated in each of the articles, has a direct influence on patient safety and satisfaction.

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