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Patient Management and Delegation

When attending different medical cases, nursing practitioners align their interests with the patient’s needs to develop viable solutions that address their underlying problems. Notably, nursing managers take charge of the different activities undertaken by various medical professionals in the health environment. From this realization, the ability of a health facility to address individuals’ immediate needs is influenced by the power of health providers to create an enabling environment where patients can receive quality care. As a charge nurse, I am expected to promote the hospitalโ€™s mission and vision by setting health policies and enforcing compliance in the work environment.

Fulfilling the Role of a Charge Nurse

Different health institutions have various policies that dictate their operations in the business environment. Creating a vision and mission statement enables organizations to accomplish their desired goals in the corporate world and develop innovative solutions that differentiate them from other service providers. From this realization, the simulated activities require me to identify existing problems affecting the quality of care disseminated in the health environment. Besides, my role will have a significant impact on the ability of the organization to achieve its desired objectives by exposing individuals to quality care and treatment (Marquis & Huston, 2017). I am excited to become a part of the problem-solving team that is keen on changing the health landscape by improving the quality of care administered to patients. Apart from monitoring the input of other employees, I am expected to inspire individuals by creating a holistic environment that promotes the realization of individual goals and meets the expectations of patients.

A Summary of the Responsibilities

Since Sentinel Hospital has an adequate workforce that enables it to accomplish its objectives in the medical world, I will identify collaborative nursing managers who can support the corporation’s vision by monitoring the quality of care administered to patients. As the charge nurse, my focus is on strategies and policies rather than the health facility’s day-to-day activities. I will create an enabling environment where different stakeholders can participate in the development of practical standards of operation that elevate the performance of Sentinel Hospital in the medical setting. Importantly, I will identify gaps in the organizational processes and propose viable solutions that can be used to enhance the quality of care and the nature of interactions between patients and medical practitioners.

Given that Sentinel Hospital has a set of strategic long-range plans, I will align my interests and leadership experience with the organization’s needs to promote its probability of accomplishing its desired conditions in the business environment. Based on the nature of the institution’s performance and immediate needs, I will introduce a wide range of both short-term and long-term solutions that enhance the proficiency of the corporation in the medical world (Hill, Higdon, Porter, Rutland, & Vela, 2015). I will initiate an organizational culture that allows individuals to overcome challenges affecting the nature of external factors’ outcomes. In the same vein, coordinating between the realization of organizational goals and resolution of patient needs will require me to initiate regulatory compliance practices that dictate nursing practitioners’ input when interacting with patients.

Correct and Incorrect Decisions

The approaches used by individuals to interact with other people in their surroundings influence the nature of outcomes that can be achieved in the world today. In the corporate world, managers should establish and maintain healthy interactions that promote the quality of results in the workplace. If given a similar opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities, I will create healthy relationships with individuals and inspire them to accomplish different goals and objectives in the work environment. Besides, nursing practitioners deliver results when their effort and contribution towards realizing company goals are recognized by the health leadership (Plonien, 2015). Nursing managers and leaders should focus on supporting the different needs of nursing practitioners and exposing them to opportunities to introduce them to their desired goals and ambitions.

Lessons Gained from this Exercise

Undertaking this simulated activity introduced me to different challenges that face nursing managers when executing their different roles and responsibilities in the health environment. Notably, nursing practitioners rely on the vision of the charge nurses to overcome various challenges affecting the quality of care administered to individuals in their immediate environment. Likewise, the approaches used to solve problems plays an essential role in shaping the perspectives of nursing professionals towards work. I will utilize the insights gained from this simulated activity to shape my clinical practice and overcome challenges affecting individuals in their surroundings.


The simulated activity at Sentinel Hospital exposed me to different problems that influence interactions between patients and medical practitioners. From this realization, I gained various insights that will have a significant impact on my clinical practice. In the future, I am optimistic about my ability to resolve issues that undermine the quality of care in my place of work. By working closely with other medical practitioners, I am sure of my ability to deliver significant results that enhance the health organization’s performance because of the nature of outcomes that influence the different approaches used to resolve issues.

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