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Bearing the title of a parent is regarded as one of the most complex tasks a person can and will ever possess. Parents and their styles of parenting play a significant role in a child’s growth. A parenting style is described as a stable and complex construct of approaches and principles that form the setting in which parenting behaviors ensue. Most scholars indicate that parenting styles impact children’s social and psychological growth, which influences not just their childhood period but likewise spread all through their adult life, too (Jerry Falwell Library, 2013). This is mainly attributed to all children developing through a diverse quantity of stimuli, communication, and variations surrounding them at every instance. Parents have a significant part to play regarding their kid’s positive or undesirable behavior.

Parenting Style Experienced As a Child

Even though there are four parenting styles, numerous parents attempt to choose a style that they trust would be the most effective way of nurturing their children. During my childhood, my parents exhibited an authoritative form of parenting. Authoritative parenting is a form of parenting whereby the parent respects the kid’s pronouncements but similarly stresses good behavior. While growing up, my parents would, in most instances, allow me to make my pronouncements. However, any time I misbehaved, I was denied my privileges. My parents would expect more from me as the firstborn child, but they offer warmth, criticism, and satisfactory support. When I failed to meet their anticipations, my parents became more fostering and pardoning instead of administering punishments. My parents would always want to be self-confident and be socially accountable and self-regulated, along with being accommodating.

How Culture Had an Impact on Parenting Style Experienced

Culture had a significant impact on how my parents nurtured me. These norms impact what principles and standards parents instil in their children, what conducts are regarded as appropriate, and the techniques used to instil the values and conducts. I resided in a very small town where every individual was acquainted with each other. As a result, it made it easy for my parents to have a sense of trust in me and be assured of my security. Moreover, because my parents integrated an authoritative style, my community mainly focuses on interdependence, social hierarchy, and personal humbleness. The feeling of being in control, in turn, fortified my self-esteem and made me contented.  This is one of the key reasons why I was permitted to make my pronouncements and selections.

Preferred Parenting Style

One of the thought-provoking aspects of being a parent is that there is immense disparity pertaining to ways of raising our children. Based on the most appropriate form of parenting, I believe authoritative parenting is the most viable. Since an authoritative parent is more likely to be perceived as sensible, just, and impartial, a child is more likely to conform to their parents’ needs (McGraw Hill, 2012). Since, as a parent, I would provide rules along with clarifications for these regulations, kids are much more expected to adopt these teachings. Instead of simply adhering to the regulations because they fear castigation, kids can understand why the regulations exist.

Although I don’t have any kids, I would love to nurture my children in the same manner my parents nurtured me. Through the ways my parents nurtured me, I now know the variance between smart and bad pronouncements. I would want my children to be capable of making viable pronouncements in undesirable decisions. In Proverbs 22:6, “nurture them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” God ascertains that parents should be involved in a child’s life (Dronen, 2010). This would greatly assist in growing relationships that are everlasting. Therefore, authoritative parenting is the best and most effective form of parenting.

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