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Outsourcing Networking Technologies Assignment | Get Paper Help

Outsourcing involves subcontracting a company`s value-chain to other contractors or companies that specialize in those technologies. As for outsourcing a network, it is essential as it is implausible that one person can keep up with the changes in technology today. As the company grows, so will the demands for complexity in the network (Sutton, 2019). Also, when outsourcing, owners reduce the cost of hiring other employees.  Using this knowledge and experience to their advantage will allow them to implement the soundest plans for their IT networking needs and free the limited internal team to focus on the company’s growth. As it is improbable to find a person who knows everything in the field of networking (Sutton, 2019). It, in turn, lets you focus on maximizing outputs.

As for the application with third-party plugins, it is a cheap way to ensure that servers keep running without the strain of managing an entire department. It saves time and, without a doubt, money. Network virtualization allows organizations to segment different virtual networks within a single physical network leading to specialization.

Virtualization eliminates the need for specialized hardware deployments (Modi & Acha, 2017). Network and IT are just but edge systems of the company. The core function is production. Focusing all efforts on display leads to increased efficiency. More to the benefits of outsourcing is access to servicing of hardware. When individuals outsource IT and networking systems technology requirements, their provider company will usually offer a service level agreement (SLA) package. It covers replacement of hardware in the event of defects or malfunction, remote surveillance, training, and other auxiliary services. I would not opt for outsourcing for the four members because four people are more resourceful and economical than fourteen.

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