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Outline of Presentation | College Essay Typers

Item Description and Price

Tesla Model X has the following features electric motors that enable the full-time all-wheel drive, high-tech cabin able to accommodate a capacity of seven people, and has a rear falcon wing door. Model X has an acceleration capability of 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. It has a large battery enough to enable it to complete the 325-mile range (Tesla, 2020). Tesla Model X 2020nlong range price starts at $84,990, while the performance type is at $104,990 (Tesla Signature Series Model X to begin delivery September 29, 2020).

Customer Value Proposition

Tesla focuses on providing some of the best in class electric vehicle models with high performance, sleek designs, long-range with convenient recharge stations, and energy-efficient.

Problem item solves to end-user (TESLA Business Model | Tesla Business Model Canvas, 2020).

The Problem the Product Solves to the End-User

Tesla Model X being an SUV is a family car that can accommodate seven people helping the user to have family in one car when traveling.

Selling Features of the Product.

The presentation model is made with a glass roof, which covers from the base of the car hood to passengers’ front seat providing a person with the view of what is ahead and above.

The panoramic roof glass guard people and cars from extreme light and heat, regulating the internal temperature in the vehicle. Model X has a comprehensive touchscreen infotainment system that covers the dashboard, which controls nearly all of the vehicle’s numerous components and settings.


Some of the objections that a prospective buyer has in regards to purchasing products include the high price of the product compared to the company competitors and the convenience of recharging stations.


Some of the Tesla competitors in the electric field include Jaguar I-place, Audi e-Tron, and Mercedes-Benz.

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