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Organized Crime on the International Scale | Do My Essay

The Primary Factors of Criminal and Terrorist Groups

Firstly, I believe criminal and terrorist interactions are largely defined by the need to create a continuum that influences the general outcomes in the contemporary society. Importantly, in the crime-terror context, an organization may transition downwards or upwards as a way of adjusting to the changing environment where outcomes are controlled by another group. This accommodation of the other group’s interests creates a crime-terror continuum, which determines the existence of the organization in the criminal world. However, it should be noted that these interactions are rare occasions that foster collaborations between crime and terror organizations.

Secondly, terrorists may engage in planned bank robberies to finance their terror operations. From this observation, I believe the linkage between organized crime and terrorist activities is largely influenced by the convergence thesis that creates a need outside the scope of a terrorist organization. During their operations, terrorist groups may encounter criminal organizations, a move that fosters cooperation to avoid instances that interfere with the operations of both crime and terrorist organizations (Makarenko, 2004). Establishing contact with terrorist groups is a factor that is influenced by an organized crime group’s desire to operate in other areas that are controlled by terrorist organizations.

Thirdly, the aspect of convergence is promoted by the moves made by both criminal and terror organizations to embrace different tactics that advance their goals in the modern world. It should be noted that the convergence between crime and terror groups is primarily influenced by the need to accomplish desired goals that demonstrate their identity in the community. From this perspective, collaborations between crime and terror groups are mostly driven by the need to overcome various obstacles that hinder the ability of the organizations to meet their desired outcomes in the criminal world. Hence, crime-continuum and operational motivations are some of the primary drivers for the criminal and terrorist interactions in the world today.

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