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Organizational Management: Human Resources, Budgeting, And Finance

To foster a team that is flexible, adaptable, and responsive to trends, a good operation strategy is important. Human service delivery would be able to improve the services given by improving accountability, accessibility, and coordination among professionals. As a leader, it is important to hire staff that can provide good services to their patients (Clarke, 2017).Β  Patients often look for good services that are provided to them promptly by staff who show compassion. In this case, the client needs to have a positive experience.

The function of a human service administrator is to hire, recruit and train a productive employee. To build a strategic team, there are some qualities that a leader needs to instill in them. By building, a culture where they are encouraged to be innovative and take risks will increase healthy competition among them. In this case, it is important to hire someone with the right skills such as flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to trends to work in the human service industry. Providing proper staff training would also help increase their knowledge in how to collaborate with others to maximize service delivery to their patients. Training the team would matter more to optimize team development and teamwork.

Discussion 2

All organizations do operate within a budget. The financial planning process is a nonprofit organization that differs from that of the government agencies. Β The financial planning process in nonprofit organizations is quite detailed and analyzed. All the sources of revenue, expenses incurred and the projected money that is required is analyzed and noted down (Watson & Hoefer, 2014). This ensured that all expenses incurred in that financial year are planned for and covered. For government agencies, they use budget planning. Each agency is allocated a certain amount of money for that particular financial year.

Organizations do rely on multiple sources of funding. Due to this facts, there are some instances where there is restricted funding by a donor. Organizations may face some challenges in collaborations and health service delivery to certain populations. Some organizations may find it difficult to accomplish their mission in such cases. The impact is great on the population that relies on these organizations to get proper health services.

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