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Organizational Culture | Essay Assignment

Company Introductions

Overview of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational enterprise that has built its reputation in the consumer segment through the manufacturing of non-alcoholic beverages. The global corporation also develops concentrates and syrups that are used in different functions in the manufacturing industry (Serôdio, McKee, & Stuckler, 2018). The company’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, where it oversees a series of operations across its franchisees that are handled by bottling companies around the globe.

Nick’s Pizza

Nick’s Pizza is a small restaurant located in rural Broward County in Florida. The owners of the restaurant prepare pizza, and other assorted food products that they indicate carry along tastes of love to their consumers. Over the years, Nick’s Pizza has expanded its territorial grip in Florida, an aspect that attracted various investors and corporations, which are interested in staging a take-over. With its competitive edge, Nick’s Pizza can rise to threaten the operations of established corporations in the country and beyond.

Checklist and Rationale

  1. Use a standard communication approach to avoid any conflicts of interests
  2. Encourage employees to share their work experiences to inspire others
  3. Prepare and host team-building activities to break the monotony caused by bureaucracy
  4. Allocate days where employees can bring their family members to work
  5. Establish a period where employees can volunteer in the community
  6. During the festive and other times of the year, expose employees to light moments after work
  7. Hold a company lunch where employees can interact with their immediate supervisors and other key stakeholders
  8. Create a common eating point where employees can bond with other people during company breaks
  9. Develop a company holiday where employees can celebrate the event together. This could be the day when the merger was declared to exist
  10. During company retreats, invite remote employees to connect with their peers who are always on-site

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