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Organizational Change Management | Business Paper Writing Service

Brief description of the change

The change initiative in the organization entails an approach aimed at improving customer delivery through incorporation of a new technology system. The change initiative aims to enable the employees minimize the time taken to serve an individual customer from 10 minutes to 6 minutes or less. This is vital to minimize the time duration in which customers have to wait in the que waiting to be served. As well, the initiative aims at inducing customer satisfaction with increased accuracy and efficiency in the service delivered. To achieve these objectives, the change initiative intends to communicate the changes across the organization and ascertain that all employees in the organization are up-to-date with the new operational guidelines. Therefore, the application of the most effective leadership styles, approaches, and theories is fundamental for the successful implementation of the change initiative in the organization.

Personal leadership style

In my online search, I selected “Your Leadership Legacy” assessment by Robert M. Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca (2011) to determine my best leadership traits. The assessment quiz result showed that I have six best leadership traits and characteristics including ambassador, advocate, people mover, truth-seeker, creative builder, and experienced guide. As an ambassador, I possess the skills and abilities to handle different situations with grace. As an advocate, I instinctively act as a spokesperson of the groups I am part of and lead. As a people mover, I am focused on talent identifying, motivating, and career building.  As a truth-seeker, I am committed to administered my duties in fairness, good judgement, and objectively. As a creative builder, I offer vision to guide and generate greatness in my team. Finally, as an experienced guide, I have the capacity to enable people move past any problem – both personal and professional paving way for enhanced performance.

Compare and contrast top two leadership styles

My two strongest leadership traits that can be essential to driving the change initiative in the organization comprise of advocacy and experienced guide. Through advocacy, I hold the capacity to effectively articulate issues presented by the change initiative in a logical and rational manner. The capacity to be persuasive to the employees under your command and influence them to take the changes positively as part of strategic developments for the organization. This is complemented by the utilization of experienced guideline traits in enabling employees to remove the bottlenecks impeding successful implementation of the change initiative (Meinert, 2019). The experienced guide approach is informed by extensive experience in handling similar situations. Therefore, it offers fundamental lessons and best practices that can be effective towards successful implementing the change initiative in the organization.

Evaluation of how leadership style impact employee motivation and the change initiative

The application of the leadership styles is critical to induce positive impacts on the employees. The employees require effective, informed, and experienced stewardship in navigating through the turbulences of the change process. As an experienced guide, this can be articulately addressed and help the employees maneuver through different challenges in the change process (Ferguson, n.d.). The application of advocacy traits offers articulation in communicating the changes to the employees. This will be utilized to ensure that the employees effectively understand every aspect of the changes introduced in the organization.

Supervisors selected

The two supervisors selected consist of Supervisor B (Brooke B. Haven) and Supervisor C (Curtis Contingent). The selection of Haven is based on her abilities to be a good listener and capacity to encourage the employees to do their best (Khorakian & Sharifirad, 2019). This is essential to induce positive impacts on the employees. Haven can complement the change process by enabling the employees feel as a part of the change and motivate them through offering positive feedback that encourages them. Therefore, she offers strategic impacts on the organization through behavioral leadership theory. The selection of Contingent is based on his ability to evaluate every situation and come up with the best practices. Also, Contingent is suited in building good relationship with the employees. This is fundamental to the change process that employees that freely interact and raise their issues with their supervisors. In mentoring the supervisors to utilize their strengths and improve on their weaknesses, I would provide the necessary training for the tasks, provide the crucial support for them to function effectively, and provide regular feedback on their performance on the tasks. This in turn will motivate them to remain committed and focus on attaining the highest improvements and performance on their teams.

Motivational theories essential in leading employees through the change initiative

By having an effective team of supervisors, the utilization of McClelland’s theory of need can be efficient to successfully implementing the change initiative. McClelland’s theory of need indicates that employees are impacted by the need for achievement, power, and affiliation (Uslu, 2019). By successfully implementing the change initiative, the need for achievement will be attained building confidence and competence of the employees. The need for affiliation is attained by being a part of a highly competitive organization which is powerful and an industry leader. In addition, the use of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory is essential to enhance the motivation of the employees to successfully implement the change initiative. The Maslow motivation approach enables the fulfillment of five basic needs including physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. This is attained through creation of internal pressures that enable the employees change their personal behaviors into competitive and high performance.

Areas for improvement

The areas that can be improved comprise motivating the employees by involving them in the change decision making. This is critical to ensure that employees own the change initiative. As a result, the changes adopted are employee initiated and treat them as their own. Therefore, this minimizes or eliminates changes of resistance or laxity on the change process. This is highly fundamental as a leader as you utilize different leadership approaches and technicalities to ensure the employees remain motivated. For example, the improvement and utilization of transformational leadership skills is crucial for overall realization of the change initiative objectives.

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