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Option#1: Ibs and Stress

Irritable bowel syndrome is a psychological condition that results from anxiety and lack of tolerance from patients suffering from the disease. Scientifically, this disorder has been considered untreatable as many doctors do not deal with the root cause of the condition. One of the major drivers that lead to this disorder is the imbalance in the microbiome that are numerous bacteria in the gut of a human body.  The increase in microbiome leads to signs and symptoms of this disorder. However, the disorder can be controlled by eating healthy foods with the right nutrients. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which creates gas in the stomach can be controlled by herbs and other functional medicines that are helpful. Yeast overgrow, which is another challenge, is controlled by fungal herbs. Food allergens from the gut need to be eliminated by taking substances which are rich in nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics since they are generally known as elimination diets. The gut-bursting drugs and food rich in fiber` and sugar are destructive to the environment of the gut thus bringing this disorder. Irritable bowel can be fixed if the one suffering follows the healthy guidelines provided against the disorder.

The Cause of GERD, Indigestion, and Heartburn

During stress, digestion does not take place appropriately. The main role of the stomach is to aid in the digestion of proteins. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach lowers the PH of the stomach and activates the enzyme pepsin which breaks down proteins. Bacterial overgrowth in the stomach occurs if food is not digested properly where food begins to rot.  This increase in bacterial overgrowth causes the development of ulcers on the stomach lining. Rising abdominal pressure up the gut, which contains gases, burns the esophagus where digestion of proteins is made poor. When someone experiences stress, the sympathetic nervous system is activated and it turns off the digestion in the body as no production of digestive enzymes takes place. Stress also affects the flow of blood in the body, therefore causing a distortion in the proper digestion process. It is not advisable to eat while experiencing stress so as to give yourself time to hydrate so as to dilute some of the enzymes and salts.


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