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Opinion Paper on Punishment

In the last twenty years, there has been a worldwide shift in viewpoints regarding punishment and upbringing. Bad upbringing, typified by concerns such as abuse, lack of ethical leadership, or extreme deprivation in childhood and youth, is identified as an alleviating condition in passing judgment in numerous jurisdictions. A criminal’s liability on his choice to cause offense is decreased if he or she had an undesirable upbringing. I believe that fairness necessitates us to enforce a less severe castigatory affliction on a criminal with a bad background, even if he is no less at fault for the criminal activity. However, I believe that these challenges may be overpowered by a comprehensive, justificatory impartial punishment that incorporates the external appearance of the damage inflicted as the starting point.

Criminals deserve reduced punishment as they are less guilty for their choices to offend. In most cases, we are considered to be blameworthy only because the choice may be tracked back to one of our preceding culpable selections. In this case, our culpability for the past choices is may only be considered derivative. Given the variance in peer pressure and inducements in youth, it is extra challenging for a criminal to make the right choices when an individual is younger, which might set an individual on a diverse life path and, therefore, lead one away from the existing crime.

I trust that a wide-ranging concept offers a productive foundation for critically assessing how individuals can organize their practices. Rather than getting concerned with the challenging task of evaluating if the legislator and the magistrate have a suitable intention of accusing and, as a result, of enforcing punishments, it brings into view that punishment is enforced in multiple circumstances. This, in sequence, solicits queries pertinent to rationalization and if adequate safety is provided in the form of standard protections.

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