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Opinion: Article

The articles explains the impact of morality in the legal domain. Their key message is that legal systems and structures should observe quality approaches that enhance justice and fairness. The jury should be able to distinguish between right and wrong. This paves the way for excellent decision-making processes. One of the aspects that I admire with the article is the presumption of innocence. When people are arrested for various crimes and other harmful activities, they might be deemed guilty, mainly due to the nature of the alleged crimes. However, they should be given a fair share of hearing to assess if they are guilty of the crimes they are believed to commit. The presumption of innocence has been enacted in the human rights legislation (Halvorsen, 2004). It is based on the idea that everyone should be portrayed as innocent until proven guilty. This rule prevents law enforcement officers and other legal professionals from taking any action until the defendant is proved innocent. Legal institutions need to observe this guideline that offers the promise of justice and fairness.

Overall, the articles communicate the message of moral observance in the legal systems. Amidst the need to ensure that people achieve justice, law enforcement professionals might take inappropriate actions likely to negatively affect the defendant before they are found guilty of their crimes. There is a dire need to ensure that these professionals distinguish right and wrong actions when handling individuals believed to have committed crimes. It is advisable to provide a fair hearing that helps rule out if a person is guilty of the crime they are alleged to commit. Thus, the central idea that revolves around the articles is moral observance across legal institutions.

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