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Open-Mindedness Essay | Homework Assignment Service

Having an open mind is widely regarded as an intelligent feature, as it frequently appears at the top of listings of the scholarly qualities, maybe for the reason that, not like some of the other knowledgeable attributes, it is not also considered to be an ethical virtue. Also, it is likened with positivity and development. In this pretext, open-mindedness is also prized as truth conducive and cognitively valuable in the sense of it being advantageous to intellectual accomplishment; to awareness and perception. Individuals that are perceived to be open-minded are always willing to change their views in light of an argument or when presented with evidence and opinions. One instance that I changed my mind was regarding the omniscience and omnipotence of science. I nowadays understand that science is stringently restricted, and that it is particularly risky not to understand this.

In order to have a great conversation based on an argument, it is considered essential to have an open mind. There are several ways of approaching a discussion with an open mind. They include fighting the urge to react when listening to differing opinions angrily. It is, therefore, essential to take a moment to find the wisdom to comprehend that not every individual is of the same conclusion. Instead, place yourself in an individual’s shoes and view the argument in their perspective. Another way entails not being afraid to pose questions as it is sometimes the only way to learn about a particular circumstance, and keeping an open mind involves asking more questions to gain more understanding. It is, therefore, an essential aspect in academics as it encourages interaction in college by preparing students to engage in constructive conversation on sensitive issues, thus developing critical thinking and problem-solving mechanisms.

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