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Online shopping and Purchase Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Ecommerce has revolutionized to meet the demands of people and making online shopping easier for modern-day consumers. Over the last few years, the e-commerce business has been a vital part of the global retail market framework. The entire retail landscape has undergone substantial changes following the advancement of technology and the internet, which has led to globalization in modern life (Katawetawaraks and Wang, 2011). Consumers from virtually every country are now benefiting from the perks of online transactions. With the increased adaptation, access has rapidly expanded globally, leading to the rise in digital buyers. This paper will focus on online Purchase and delivery as one of the most successful business trends in modern business. Online shopping and Purchase, which is part of eCommerce activity, has been one of the significant trends in business due to the changing landscape of business into online retail.

Online shopping and e-commerce

Ecommerce is a business model that has allowed individuals and firms to sell and buy things through the internet. This has supported online shopping, which can be conducted through tablets, computers, and smartphones. Ecommerce has enabled businesses to develop a wider market presence through more efficient and cheap distribution channels for their services and products (Javadi et al., 2012). Ideally, online shopping is an activity of e-commerce that includes buying items on the seller’s website via debit and credit card while having them delivered to their home. On the customer end, online shopping includes searching for items online through online research and web searches.

Online retailing or shopping has been a form of electronic eCommerce that enables buyers to directly purchase products. This has evoked the physical analogy of purchasing products from the brick and mortar stores. Additionally, online purchase has also supplemented the brick and mortar through the online stores that have let consumers buy everything (Lim et al., 2016). For instance, half of the United States consumers have internet access, are now shopping online, and are satisfied with the overall online shopping experiences. This is because consumers can buy items from anywhere all over the world through a digital platform.

As the retail industry continues to develop, more services have been introduced to entice consumers to rely on their shops. Companies are relying on a variety of services to attract consumer attention and make it easier for consumers to rely on the websites to boost their sales. Online shopping and next-day delivery have been some of the most effective services that consumers try to easily access the products and ensure they arrive soon and safely (Javadi et al., 2012). These services have changed the business model and persuaded consumers to purchase the products at higher prices due to faster delivery.

Considerably, since online shopping and purchase trends are becoming increasingly common, traditional retail businesses are losing money since few consumer shops are in stores. Companies have changed their business models from brick-and-mortar stores to creating optimal websites that have allowed their consumers to shop through the internet.

Online shopping Experiences

With online Purchase and delivery, consumers can buy an item from anywhere in the world through digital platforms. Consumers can access the global marketplace and benefit from online shopping since it avoids physically visiting the store and the long lineup. Consumers that are too busy to purchase in the brick and mortar store have had an opportunity to make an order online. Roberta (2018) stated that consumers are much happier when completing purchases than connecting on social platforms.

Figure 1: Online shopping experience; source (Roberta, 2018).

Figure 1 above shows a consumer in the online process, which includes searching, selecting, ordering, and paying for an item to be shipped to their residence. Once a product has been ordered online, it is shipped to the stated location within 24 hours. Most of the retailers are beginning to move from their physical stores and being online only. Online shopping through e-commerce has also allowed retailers to develop their market and intensify their profitability (Izogo and Jayawardhena, 2018). Online shopping has simplified the business processes through reduced paperwork, efficiency, overall productivity, and environmental waste. Consumers enjoy major advantages such as 24/7 online support, ease of delivery, more options, access to other consumer reviews, readily accessible product information, which allows them to make informed decisions while buying.

Online shopping Behavior and Habits

Driven by evolving consumer demand and technology, several shopping enhancements have transformed the online shopping experience. The consumer experience is increasingly changing from product-centric to consumer-centric. Firms are responding to online shopping demands through innovative solutions and better online experiences. The consumer has more bargaining power and control as well as integration of online experiences.

Online purchasing is a growing phenomenon with great convenience to the consumers. The convenience of online shopping has raised its trend among consumers, especially Generation Y. Consumers who purchase via internet to save time and easily access accessible resources (Javadi et al., 2012). Both male and female consumers have the similar behaviors towards disliking and liking and fast delivery. Consumers in the developing markets have made a tremendous shift to online purchase. The acceleration of online shopping globally has shifted significantly, with a higher fraction of internet users buying items such as medicines, food and beverages, and cosmetics.

Retail is shifting into the online environment, which has affected consumer loyalty and expectations to effectively target the individuals. Consumers rely on multiple devices on the path to start searching using tablets, phones, and phones. Mobile apps and smartphones have enabled quick searches for services and products across different retailers, making shopping easy for consumers. The devices and channels have allowed more opportunities for customizing the consumer experience and utilize their past purchase data.

Many shoppers that make online Purchases want easy and quick checkout. Online shopping platforms have utilized easy payment and checkout options. Online shopping is an efficient way to save customers through shipping and billing information to check out faster. When consumers shop online, they are most probably to use brands that have gained trust through previous experiences (Javadi et al., 2012). Consumers spend most of their time finding out which retailer stocks their desired item at the lowest price. They also rely on coupons offered by online merchants for their purchases. The shoppers also rely on one social media site before making purchases for reviews and recommendations.

Consumers are cautious about the pricing and quality of products, attractiveness, and new products. For instance, consumers are willing to buy products online, but they fail to go for products of higher prices. Consumers accept purchasing when they find the product information accessible and make online payments (Javadi et al., 2012). Perceived usefulness signifies that online buyer perceives the internet as an essential tool for online shopping. Perceived usefulness of the consumer has the greatest effect on the consumer intention to buy.

The future of online shopping and Purchase

Online shopping has offered individuals the way to purchase and shop at a reasonable price via the internet. Purchasing and shopping online has become part of online consumer lives. Increasingly people are using online shopping since they have mobile devices and computers that allow them to search, select, order, and pay for items and gain access to services they need (Shanthi and Desti, 2015). The future of online focuses on capturing the shopping behavior patterns. This allows the online retailers to allow the brands to create advertising, cross-promotions, and strategic pricing based on global trends. In the world of online buying, consumers need a more personalized experience. Consumers are likely to shop for products that they remember, recognize and offer relevant product recommendations. Additionally, online shopping is going mobile due to the increased use of mobile devices. Through mobile shopping, consumers can do shopping everywhere, which means that it’s important for brands to establish a mobile-friendly e-commerce experience.

Today many people prefer online shopping since it has many obvious benefits. For instance, products are easier to access and without many tussles of going to the store. More online businesses are becoming trusted and popular through the e-business model (Shanthi and Desti, 2015). One of the major reasons online shopping will grow than brick-and-mortar stores in the future is that some products are much cheaper online, and finding a product on the internet is easier than visiting the local stores.


The growth of online shopping comes with greater opportunities for the stores due to demand and service requirements. Online shopping will continue to be a growing area of technology. The convenience of online shopping has remained the main attraction for online buyers. Online consumers have exhibited different buying behaviors that come with dangers and opportunities for online stores. Online shopping has remained a great business trend due to its convenience to consumers, and online stores allow for a more realistic and easier shopping experience.

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