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Oedipus Or Hamlet Essay | Literature Homework Help

Who, If Either, Showed Greater Resilience: Oedipus Or Hamlet?

Oedipus and Hamlet are exceptional characters in two different plays since both of them exhibit resilience to tragedies they encounter. Between the two, Oedipus showed the highest level of resilience. Oedipus plays the role of the king in the play Oedipus the king by Sophocles. The play revolves around a murder mystery, psychological whodunit, and political thriller. Thebes is hit by a plague that would only be lifted when the person who murdered the previous king is identified and exiled. Oedipus is accused of murdering his father, the former king, but denies and accuses Teiresias, the prophet. Later Oedipus’ mother hangs herself, followed by Oedipus going into exile. Oedipus has high resilience by withstanding the plague and through his desire to identify the killer for the plague to be lifted (Cantor 20). Oedipus is persistent in identifying more information about the murder by carrying out interrogations. The king strives to obtain the truth, risking his life, and throne. The trait of resilience is also demonstrated when Oedipus completes the various parts of the prophecy.

Hamlet is the lead character in Shakespeare’s play. He is visited by his father’s ghost, which advised him to take revenge by taking away the life of the new king, who was Hamlet’s uncle. The lead character faked an unstable mental state, and he has deep thoughts about life and death. He also sought revenge on his uncle. Hamlet’s uncle, who was in fear of losing his life, planned on how to get rid of Hamlet. A mutual arrangement was reached at the end of the play where the queen, king, Hamlet opponent, and Hamlet were killed. Hamlet’s resilience can be seen when he strongly desires to find out the truth about his father’s murder (Grene, David, and Richmond 5). Hamlet endured the torture he was subjected to as he used his intuition in answering the questions. In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet used the bypass way to find the actual truth about his father’s death. Hamlet was determined to find the real perpetrator of the murder by utilizing an ingenious psychological strategy. Besides, Hamlet was bent on restoring justice for his father’s death as his solemn pledge was leading him.

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