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Observation as a Viable Form or Data Collection: Unit 4 Assignment

The observation checklist and tally exercise involve an assessment of the behavior of consumers in a Burger King restaurant. The observation checklist and tally exercises focus on behaviors such as what customers order first, samples first, sitting behavior, use of ketchup, and drinks refill. Also, an evaluation of the duration taken to process an order from the time a customer walks into the restaurant makes an order, and delivery of the order ready for consumption. As well, the observation exercise assesses the time taken by a customer to finish their order. Furthermore, the use of washrooms is a critical aspect of restaurant operations. Therefore, the data and information analysis provides key insights that can be utilized in informing decision-making in the restaurant to improve service delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How Data Would Help the Restaurant Improve Sales

The use of data will be analyzed on the basis of customer behavior from the moment they walk into the restaurant. This is vital to provide viable recommendations for improving service delivery.

Half of the customers that walked into the restaurant within the 35 minutes of observation I was there – sampled fries first. Three out of ten sample drinks first while two out of ten sample other products. This shows that 50 percent of the customers are more into fries than other products (Malu, 2015).

Nine out of ten of the customers waited to sit on a table to start eating. Customers value comfortable sitting positions and the availability of sufficient space is necessary. This also illustrates good table etiquette than eating while standing. It is integral for the restaurant to establish sufficient space for sitting and expand with the number of customers visiting the premise.

Seven out of ten customers used ketchup. This shows a high demand for the product to make the fries more delicious. The restaurant is committed to giving their customers the best experience. Ketchup is offered as after-sale service for free.

Half of the customers required a drink refill while half did not request. This shows that drink refills are necessary upon request and demand is unpredictable.

Incidences of incorrect orders are almost not a thing at the restaurant. The recorded case involved a complaint of not being in the right temperatures for the fries. Hence, required the attendant to change the order. This shows care and concern to the customersโ€™ desires and expectations (Malu, 2015).

Four out of ten customers visited the restroom with three going after ordering. The duration involves taking the opportunity while waiting for the order to be delivered.

The average order processing time at the restaurant comprises of 1.32 minutes. The average consumption process time is 1.66 minutes. Therefore, on average a customer takes 3 minutes (2.98 minutes) at the restaurant. In 35 minutes spent at the restaurant – a total of 10 customers were served diligently and efficiently. Therefore, to improve on the efficiency of service delivery further, order processing time and the customer experience in the restaurant should be improved. Therefore, the offering of after-sales services such as drinks refill and Wi-Fi connections is necessary to entice customers to visit more often.

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