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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Over the years, different population groups have succumbed to various lifestyle diseases triggered by their high inactivity levels. In an interesting twist of events, obesity and cardiovascular disease have become prevalent among young people, compelling different organizations to promote awareness about the different approaches that can be used to overcome the medical conditions. Gianluca Iacobellis in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease presents interesting arguments that enlighten the public about lifestyle diseases. Iacobellis’ deep understanding of obesity and cardiovascular disease positions him strategically in build-up conversations, leading to developing a clinical solution that can be used to overcome the health issue affecting individuals in the world today.

Summary of the Main Ideas

Iacobellis defines the relationship between obesity and the cardiovascular system to promote the understanding of individuals regarding the impact of the lifestyle conditions on the body. While obese individuals have always been believed to be at risk of contracting cardiovascular disease, Iacobellis indicates that this notion should be reviewed because of the impact of excess adiposity on healthy people. He defines obesity as “the excess accumulation of fat or adiposity,” contributing towards the ongoing debate among clinicians regarding the role of excess fat in the body. By incorporating child obesity, Iacobellis presents an opportunity for individuals to understand the spread of obesity and its impact on the modern community.


According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, over 72 million Americans are obese. However, the prevalence of obesity is higher in the 40-59 age group than their counterparts between 20 and 39 years. In China, over 60 million grew overweight between 1992 and 2002, highlighting the need to review the lifestyle habits adopted by individuals around the world. Notably, 25% of the children in the U.S. are overweight, while 11% of the total child population is obese (Iacobellis, 2009). From this realization, national intervention strategies are required to control the spread of obesity, which exposes individuals to cardiovascular disease, among other lifestyle conditions. By reviewing the eating habits and encouraging individuals to increase their activity levels, countries such as the U.S. and China, among others, will achieve their desired health standards, which influence productivity.


Iacobellis’s article plays a vital role in the study of the relationship between obesity and cardiovascular disease. By demonstrating the impact of obesity on people’s health, Iacobellis draws his readers’ attention by capturing essential details and facts about obesity and cardiovascular disease. From this perspective, the global population is now aware of the best practices they should adopt to overcome issues hindering them from accomplishing their desired goals and objectives. Likewise, the research initiates a vital conversation that informs individuals about the appropriate measures to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Iacobellis’ broad understanding of obesity and cardiovascular disease issues positions him strategically in the build-up conversations leading to the development of a clinical solution that can be used to overcome the health issue affecting individuals in the world today. Today, obesity and cardiovascular disease have become topical issues that affect the health of individuals. Initially, the lifestyle conditions were prevalent among individuals between 40 and 59 years. However, lifestyle conditions have spread to young people where children are being diagnosed with obesity and cardiovascular issues. Governments should review their role in mitigating the lifestyle conditions and adopt a functional approach that should be used to inform the people about the recommended health standards.

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