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Nutrition: Dietary

In the first case study, the ten-year-old boy is overweight, and he is at risk of suffering obesity in future, his eating habit includes junk foods, which consists a lot of pizza and potatoes. Potatoes and pizza should be eaten sparingly. He should also consider eating fruits and vegetables also;Β  whole grains such as wheat, pasta, and rice should replace the junk food he takes. He should also consider working out and taking a supplement to maintain good health. in the second case, the sixty-two-year-old Martha is suffering from celiac disease. Martha used to take a lot of caffeine, potato chips, sugar, and soft drinks. Martha used a significant component of her three diets, which is unhealthy. Martha, being diagnosed with Celiac disease, should stop eating bread toast, quit taking chips, and reduce soft drinks and snacks she takes. Martha should avoid any food that contains gluten.

In the first case study, the boy diet does not meet some daily diet requirements, such as taking plenty of all colors fruit, whole grains like whole-grain pasta and whole wheat bread, and avoiding sugary drinks. Β The following new two-day diet chat will help reduce weight and control chances of obesity in the future.

In the second case study, Martha’s daily diet also does not meet the recommended dietary needs as she consumes a lot of sugary products. Her diet lacks fruits, drinks that are not sugary, whole grains, and healthy protein. The following two-day diet chart will help Martha control the celiac disease.

Martha should avoid grains such as wheat, durum, einkorn, graham, faro, and semolina because they contain high gluten.

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