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Nutrition and Health Awareness: Formal Outline | Homework Help

Formal Outline

Nutrition and Health Awareness

This case study seeks to explore various issues that affect the lifestyle of individuals in the U.S. and beyond. Apart from the regular health communication channels that are used to convey information to the public, medical organizations should focus on promoting awareness on various causes that contribute to the high prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases among other conditions.

Stakeholder Perspective

The policymakers develop a wide range of solutions that are meant to respond to different medical issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment. However, various segments of the public have limited access to health insurance and other aspects that are supposed to enhance their understanding of different issues in their surroundings. Hence, each of the two stakeholder groups hold varying perspectives regarding the best approaches that should be used to overcome medical problems affecting them.

Analysis and Evaluation

Although some of the conditions cannot be controlled because of the limited human involvement, activities such as high sugar consumption can be regulated. In the same vein, individuals should spend time outdoors to acquire Vitamin D instead of partaking supplements. However, the government has a huge role to play to emancipate the masses and expose the people to an enabling environment where they can access information regarding various aspects that influence their thought process.

Action Plans

Engaging individuals directly is one of the approaches the government can use to overcome any instances that interfere with the flow of health information. Besides, the execution of different policies should be focused on eradicating the cause of lifestyle diseases and informing the people of the best practices they can adopt to be healthy.

Evaluation of Consequences

When the government fails to intervene, the number of people succumbing to lifestyle diseases among other medical conditions will increase. Consequently, the level of the countryโ€™s productivity will decrease, a move that is likely to have a negative impact on its GDP.

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