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Nutrition and Dietetics

Obesity is a food-related disorder that affects individuals in their immediate environment by hindering them from accomplishing their desired goals and objectives. Affected individuals have an excess layer of body fat that exposes individuals to a range of other lifestyle diseases that interfere with the overall quality of life. On many occasions, obese individuals may seek help from qualified gym professionals and nutritionists who introduce them to a rigorous program that has had a long-term impact on their perspectives towards life. Some of the health disorders that are easily triggered by obesity include heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In extreme cases, individuals are exposed to certain types of cancer, which expose them to a wide range of medical issues that interfere with their overall perspectives towards life. From this observation, exploring healthy options that can be exposed to individuals equips nursing practitioners with an opportunity that enhances their decision-making process in the health context.

After calculating the 10-year old’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), it emerged that he was obese. In adults, obesity has far-reaching implications that hinders individuals from accomplishing their desired goals and objectives in their immediate environment. Obesity is caused by poor eating habits, lack of physical exercise, and genetics among other issues that interfere with the overall health status of an individual (Caio et al., 2019). In this regard, the patient’s BMR was 30, indicating his obesity status, which could compromise his overall health status and productivity in their immediate environment.

Unlike the ten-year old whose eating habits comprise of unhealthy foods, the 62-year-old suffers from celiac disease, which is often triggered by consuming food products that contain gluten. Some of the primary symptoms of celiac disease include diarrhea, fatigue, and weight loss among other issues that affect the quality of life of the affected individual (Department of Nutrition, N.D.). Before her diagnosis, the second patient did not consider her food options and mostly indulged in the consumption of caffeine, sugar, and potato chips, which escalated her medical disorder. On many occasions, the choice of food plays an important role in influencing the overall outcomes that can be realized in the health context. For this reason, the disease exposed the patient to a wide range of medical risks that had far-reaching health implications on her lifestyle.

Health applications such as “My Fitness Pal” by Adidas play a significant role in enabling individuals to measure and track their calorie intake. For instance, when using the mobile health app, it is possible for Martha to limit her calorie intake by eliminating the unhealthy food products, which have a higher calorie level than other healthy commodities. Likewise, the ten-year-old’s parents should review his food products and replace them with healthy food options that improve his overall perspectives towards life (Mason et al., 2006). For this reason, combining the different elements that influence the thought process of individuals equips one with a competitive edge to make informed decisions that enhance the outcomes of events in their surroundings.

Examining healthy options that can be exposed to individuals equips nursing practitioners with an opportunity that enhances their decision-making process in the health context. Importantly, the ten-year-old should be placed under corrective parenting that limits his consumption of junk food products to lower his BMR. In the same vein, the long-term health conditions that hinder individuals from maintaining a healthy way of living is disrupted by the numerous advancements in technology that allow individuals to monitor their calorie intake among other human elements.

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