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Nursing Research

Research in the nursing industry revolves around the development of systemic inquiries designed to provide knowledge on different ways of advancing key areas. For example, nursing practice, education, and administration are key areas that attract research. On the other hand, quality improvement in nursing integrates advanced ways of accelerating care service delivery. It targets the provision of reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable healthcare processes. As Izumi (2012) reveals, the growing concern about the care and quality improvement have become key foundational factors behind this approach. Quality improvement is deemed as more of an administrative mandate across various healthcare institutions. Thus, these settings are expected to develop and implement potential strategies that can boost healthcare delivery. Research and quality improvement tactics have significant potential for boosting care and attention services.

One of the nursing sector areas that attract qualitative and quantitative research is handling medical data and information among nursing professionals. The rising issues of medical errors are a key concern among healthcare stakeholders. Qualitative research is useful to assess the perception and attitude of nursing professionals towards healthcare data. This relates to the healthcare structures and systems put in place. Quantitative research evaluates the healthcare outcomes met with the help of the systems put in place. The results obtained from this research provide a viable chance of improving information processing, storage, and retrieval. This creates swift and smooth data handling leading to reduced errors. Advanced healthcare outcomes are likely to be met if the leadership puts a robust data management system that enables healthcare professionals to manage and handle information appropriately. Errors often emerge from poor and inadequate systems that create gaps in data processing, transfer, and access when needed.

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