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Nurse informatics major on methods that boost the management of information and communication in the nursing field. It focuses on enhancing efficiency, cutting costs, and improving the quality of patient care. It combines nursing science, computer science, and information science in the management and communication of information and data in nursing (Peltonen et al., 2019). Nursing informatics ensures documentation of all nursing information. It is vital in health care since high quality care is dependent on accurate communication across different healthcare providers. They make it easier for other healthcare workers to access patient notes to make the best healthcare decisions.

Nursing informatics work in healthcare facilities or hospitals. Organizations that hire them receive multiple advantages from them. Nursing informatics record patient assessment data into electronic health records and develop charts from the information collected. The charts are used to evaluate the patients and check their progress and their responsiveness to treatment (Knox, 2019). They promote healthcare remotely through helping patients through the internet. Electronic reports that they generate are useful for healthcare providers to determine which drugs have quickest and most effective impact on the patients. Data collected by the nursing informatics is often accurate and can be used to make assumptions, even when only a small sample of the data is used. They can also easily evaluate databases from the internet and ensure that the organization only employs the best strategies.

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