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Nursing Discussion Questions

Barriers that hinder the effective application of hospice/palliative care in the current society

Palliative care revolves around improving the quality of life for patients and families exposed to long-term diseases. It remains one of the crucial approaches in the healthcare sector. Despite its relevance, most people fail to acquire vital services or do so in the last phase of their illnesses (Hawley, 2017). This limitation denies patients and their families an opportunity to develop quality health and overall well-being. Poor communication, inadequate provision of information about palliative care services, and unequal access to care services remain some of the crucial barriers to palliative care. Failure to integrate viable communication tactics between patients, family members, and clinicians is a threat to hospice care delivery. Also, some community members fail to receive information on palliative care and thus do not access these services. Lastly, socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic characteristics play a vital role. Minority underserved populations are less likely to receive palliative care services compared to the majority populations.

Appropriate nursing roles and strategies in end-of-life decision making in acute care, ICU, and pediatric populations

Nurses have a pivotal role in the decision-making process surrounding acute care, ICU, and pediatric populations. There is a dire need for the nurses to understand the effectiveness of respective strategies and activities. As Adams et al. (2011) state, exposure to processes linked to end-of-life decisions (EOL) helps patients and families make viable choices. The role of nurses in ELO is to act as an information broker, supporter, and advocate. They provide information to physicians, provide patient and family preference, and deliver emotional readiness. They also build trust, meet practical needs, and provide details about patient care daily. They integrate strategies such as engaging in the shared decision-making process, receive essential and truthful information, and develop trusting relationships with patients and their families.

The role of the nurse in promoting concepts of hospice/palliative care

Nurses initiate interventions that help patients counter pain and other prevailing symptoms in their dying process. One of the key considerations is that nurses act in line with the expected standards. They are not expected to act in a manner that directly insinuates the intent of ending a patient’s life. They monitor the patients and provide pain management perspectives (Hawley, 2017). Notably, nurses provide medications, manage tools and equipment, and also provide personal care. Overall, the central focus is to deliver quality care and attention service in the dying process.

Three significant elements of learning over the course

Trust, empathy, and effective communication are crucial insights that I have gained in the course. I will integrate these vital elements to deliver quality services to patients and their family members. I believe that being an effective communicator and in a position to understand other people’s feelings puts me in a better place to develop a trusting relationship. I will utilize these three elements to understand patients’ issues, attitudes, perceptions, and expectations. For example, forming a trustworthy relationship with a patient will enable me to learn about their experiences and expectations.

Provision of self-care in times of stress, sadness, and loss

If I experience stress, sadness, and loss, I will surround myself with positive people and a supportive environment. For example, I can spend more time with family members and friends who I believe can provide me with a shoulder to lean on. I would also visit an aesthetic environment such as the park or a garden to relieve off the stress, sadness, or loss.

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