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Nursing and Education Assignment | Online Homework Help

Nurses play a significant role in the society today. They help with the general wellbeing of society by providing physical, mental, and emotional care to the people. Nurses take on many responsibilities as part of their training, such as; advocating for health promotions, educating patients and the public on prevention and cures for injuries and other infections, participating in the rehabilitation of patients, and providing emotional support. They also help families become healthier by aiding them to understand the range of emotional, cultural, and physical experiences, help them cope with illnesses and, if necessary, live with them positively as other parts of their lives continue. Nurses also innovate; for example, Florence Nightingale was remembered as the founder of modern nursing and a pioneering statistician: the first person in history to use charts and graphs to persuade politicians to act. These practitioners also provide an ongoing assessment of the general health of the population thanks to their unfailing presence, observation skills, and vigilance, which allow doctors to make a better diagnosis and issue better treatment.

Education and Nursing

At the moment, I am pursuing a Bachelors’ degree of science in nursing; to become a certified nurse. I have only learned the basics regarding the profession and are not yet proficient enough to take on a fully-fledged job as a nurse. However, with a Bachelor’s degree, I have the options of becoming a registered nurse, an ICU nurse, an emergency room nurse, an operating room nurse, or a registered nurse supervisor. The (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2015) documented that the IOM published report is designed to serve as a framework for changes in the nursing profession and the healthcare delivery system. It provides for four main issues which include; nurses practicing to the full extent of their education and training, nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health professionals in designing healthcare in the United States. It also provides effective workforce planning and policymaking which requires better data collection and information infrastructure and lastly, the report said that nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression. These solutions are directed to individual policymakers, national states, payers, healthcare researchers, executives, and professions.

Due to the increase in demand for Family Nurse Practitioners, I would love to pursue a Master’s degree in Nursing. This will increase my credibility and marketability over others within the same profession. It will also open more opportunities for higher learning and advanced research, offer higher pay, and increase my experience as a health provider. I also aspire to take on an associate course in Public Health which will complement my nursing profession in various ways. First, because it would help me to understand the broader scope of things that affect human beings, then I will learn how to develop healthy and long-lasting effects on patients and develop myself morally and ethically. Public health is generally a science that involves protecting and improving human beings’ health and that of their communities.

Within eight years I should have completed my studies, starting with a bachelor’s degree in nursing for three years, closely followed by a four-year advanced master’s as a Family Nursing Practitioner course, and have a certificate in public health within the same time. I plan on getting established as a licensed and registered nurse, acting independently as a family nurse in my eighth year. I think family practice is a brilliant idea and a thoughtful way for me to serve the community at a basic level while acting solely makes it easier to make decisions faster and maintain patient privacy.

Education is an ongoing process that prepares individuals within society for work in the economy, as well as integrating people into society and teaching them values they need to incorporate into their day-to-day activities. Research is an essential component of the education process for any medical practitioner because it enables them to be better advocates for their patients, and provide them with the best possible care they know. An increase in education increases efficiency by enabling specialization of the specific career path. Specialization increases a nurse’s ability to have advanced knowledge on the field they are pursuing, which increases their confidentiality, hence their marketability in the nursing field. Education further increases one’s chances of being relied upon, which in turn reducing the job competitiveness and they become relied upon as advisors and icons in their fields.

Competency is the ability to perform a task efficiently, hence in this case, competence refers to a nurse’s ability required to fulfill their role appropriately. These core abilities are dictated by values such as; knowledge, dexterity, attitude, as well as the ability to think and solve problems. Analyzing a nurse’s competency is a very integrated and holistic process; which is why researchers opt to use its components as the units of measure. According to (Eng, 2015) as a healthcare provider, the competence of a nurse can be determined by their ability to collaborate in teamwork, provide patient-centered care, implement evidence-based practice, and quality improvement over time among others. The nursing code of ethics ensures nurses provide consistent quality nursing care by following the principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice. This allows them to provide the safest and most compassionate care for their patients. Having advanced education as a nurse increases their competency, reflecting on the training they received. Continuing education can improve clinical reasoning as shown by improved attitudes towards nursing diagnosis as it tests the effectiveness of critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Tasks performed by nurses should be any evidence that the individual is very informed on the task assigned. Learning something new every quarter and researching increases knowledge in pathology and evolution in the medical field

Nursing education should be mandatory for all practicing nurses; this is because nurses need to stay abreast with the ever dynamic and changing trends in the medical field. Continuous education will help nurses be efficient and relevant throughout the changes, and in the process reduce structural unemployment. Education also enables nurses to increase their professionalism in service delivery thus increasing the confidence of patients while treatment being delivered to them. It helps to maintain a retention strategy for nurses in their late careers to upgrade their skills and continue providing optimum quality care. Student nurses describe a lack of confidence in their skills upon graduation which makes it necessary for them to seek further training. Another instance where education is mandatory is where nurses are yet to determine the course of their careers so they continue to learn to increase their portability.


Nursing is an important field in today’s society as nurses are looked upon to provide a plethora of services to the public. They perform many tasks in hospitals while caring for the sick and distressed. According to the IOM report on the Future of nursing, education is a great asset in transforming healthcare from hospital-based to prevention-based care. The report emphasizes the relevance of education and the need for advancing education as a healthcare provider, to remain up to date, relevant, and effective in delivering the best possible services.

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