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Nuclear Energy Program | College Homework Help Online

In Australia, the concept of powering homes and factories through nuclear energy has been one of the most controversial debates because of the conflicting interests declared by stakeholders. In an exciting twist of events, Australia is the only G20 country that has never had nuclear plants, making its presence in the summit to be unique. Moreover, the country holds 33% of the world’s uranium deposits and currently sits in the third position after Kazakhstan and Canada. Even though the developed nation has more than enough coal and natural gas reserves, there is building conversation on the alternative forms of energy that should be considered. In 2017, the nation’s former Prime Minister Tony Abbott developed a policy paper that focused on the significance of having nuclear plants in the country. While his arguments caused a stir in the country’s echelons, little has been done today to evaluate the viability of constructing nuclear plants in Australia.

In line with Abbott’s proposition, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has been exploring safe and viable options that can be introduced to Australia’s national grid to lower the cost of electricity. Although the commission began its championship of the nuclear energy program in 2015, many of its recommendations have been supported and discussed in different conversations held by individuals in their immediate environment (Sirisomboonsuk, P., Gu, V.C., Cao, R.Q. and Burns, J.R., 2018). For instance, the commission has conducted research activities on exploration, extraction, and milling to enhance the thought process of individuals based on the safe methods of introducing nuclear plants in the Australian region. Besides, the organization has explored approaches that can be used to generate electricity from nuclear plants. From this realization, the ability of the commission to convince the rest of the world concerning the safe methods of making nuclear power.

Many countries like Australia that have downplayed numerous attempts to embrace nuclear power should be informed about the benefits of utilizing nuclear energy. Identifying contractors who understand the process of exploring suitable lands before developing nuclear plants. Besides, associating with countries that have successfully utilized nuclear power offers numerous opportunities that can be used to enhance the outcomes of events (Nagimov, A.R., Akhmetshin, E.M., Slanov, V.P., Shpakova, R.N., Solomonov, M.P. and Il’yaschenko, D.P., 2018). In many instances, the process of fully embracing nuclear power is time-consuming because of the various steps that must be considered during the implementation process. Heavy criticism in Australia was realized when the former Prime Minister led a delegation seeking to repeal sections of the energy protocol. In this paper, existing literary materials will be explored to discover the issues that can arise during the implementation of the energy program. Promoting awareness of the benefits of using nuclear power over other techniques highlights the basis of this study.

Literature Review

Understanding the different processes that occur during the procurement phase enables individuals to align their interests with the changing needs of the market. Apart from the nuclear energy programs that should be considered in this program, readers should understand the procurement procedures that can be used in the modern environment (Khojasteh, M. and Jadid, S., 2016). Importantly, understanding the networks that can be exploited to achieve the desired objectives positions an organization in a vantage position where a country or government institution can pursue their desired objectives. Many scholars have developed different approaches that can be used to evaluate the impact of embracing relevant procurement measures (Naoum, S.G., and Egbu, C., 2016). From this perspective, it is possible for corporations to explore different elements of their supply chain before indulging in activities that are in tandem with modern supply chain practices. For instance, aspects such as supply chain methods, value engineering, and sustainability innovation play a significant role in the establishment of various engineering concepts. Therefore, relevant government institutions can comply with the universal procurement standards before committing to develop nuclear plants within the country.

Following the continued awareness of different benefits of using nuclear power, many countries that did not prefer the energy source are now considering to use it. While Australia has been adamant about embracing the wave of shifting to nuclear power, many countries around the world are putting in place measures that can facilitate the establishment of nuclear energy (Budnitz, R.J., Rogner, H.H. and Shihab-Eldin, A., 2018). From this realization, it is essential to identify different opportunities that can be explored by government entities to yield positive results. Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are part of the new technology that is currently being considered by the new countries because of their flexible nature that illuminates the path for many nations across the globe (Frieß, F., Kütt, M. and Englert, M., 2015). Many of the concerns that stopped individuals from embracing nuclear energy were defined by security concerns that were not adequately addressed. Although these arguments are legitimate, it is crucial to identify the different methods that can be put into place to identify the issues that augment the reservations held by individuals towards nuclear power.

In many instances, organizations fail because of their inability to put in place procurement measures that influence various outcomes in the marketplace. Peter Kraljic developed a specific technique that could be used to differentiate the supplier network in the business environment (Gelderman, C.J. and Mac Donald, D.R., 2008). By evaluating the extent with which projects would realize their profitability by eliminating risks in the market, it would be possible for corporations to overcome issues that interfere with their operational performance. On many occasions, the Krailjic Matrix has been reviewed as one of the most viable options that can be used by corporations to achieve their supply chain objectives (Kuznetsov, V.V., 2008). In Western Europe, the supply technique is used widely to explore various purchasing strategies that can lower the cost of operations by improving multiple elements in the work environment. However, the model is yet to be tested in remote regions where accessibility is affected by aspects such as communication infrastructure among other technicalities.

In the modern world, individuals are always exploring new ways to increase their operational performance in the business environment. By introducing new technologies to the Small and Medium-Sized Reactors (SMRs), one can realize the different advantages that can be discovered through the innovation. From this realization, the development and establishment of nuclear reactors around the globe should be defined by the need to shift towards green and clean energy (Sovacool, B.K., and Ramana, M.V., 2015). One advantage of SMRs is attached to their ability to benefit from the economies of scale, which increase the output that is realized from the increased maximization. In many instances, the decision to embrace a particular line of production is determined by the need to benefit from the willingness of different scholars to discover their potential. Possessing enhanced proliferation increases the amount of resistance that can interfere with the outcomes of different elements attached to the production of nuclear energy.

Analysis and Discussion

Strategic positioning in the business environment creates opportunities that can be explored by individuals to overcome their objectives. In this regard, balancing the expectations of the market and the anticipated standards that can yield from maintaining the changing needs of the target audience. Importantly, creating a supply chain network with prospective consumers willing to embrace nuclear power in their surroundings promotes the concept of clean energy (Meredith, J.R., Mantel Jr, S.J. and Shafer, S.M., 2017). In recent times, the concepts of clean energy have been illuminated by the need to discover different aspects that occur in the business environment. Hence, the Australian should engage in research activities to establish whether it might be beneficial to the government to discover its objectives.

Setting a nuclear facility requires adequate exploration to understand the impact of different approaches in the world today. Although individuals are used to the existing energy forms, introducing the nuclear power plant type of energy might be received differently because of the impact of various concerns held by the target audience. For instance, the specification of equipment tags, operation flow sheets, and technical flow diagrams creates an enabling environment that can yield positive results (Kerzner, H., 2017). In the same vein, project management strategies should be designed according to the specifications indicated by the engineers to avoid instances that contribute towards the inability to meet stipulated timelines. The concept of safety creates an essential conversation among policymakers, where individuals engage in national discourses (Fewings, P. and Henjewele, C., 2019). Notably, eliminating the risks associated with the development of conceptual frameworks attached to the nuclear plants allows project managers to overcome challenges that hinder their overall progress in the business environment.


The ability of the commission to convince the rest of the world concerning the safe methods of generating nuclear power. In the world today, the concept of nuclear energy is received with mixed reactions because of the various arguments that are held by policymakers in the business environment. From this realization, individuals can realize the benefits of embracing nuclear power because of its impact on the various outcomes in the world today. The involvement of technology in the enhancement of features that increase the productivity of SMRs has significantly led to the development of essential functions in the nuclear energy industry. Hence, outlining the role of various supply chain networks can promote awareness on the usability of different processes that occur in the business environment.

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