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Non-traditional healthcare practices are treatment methods that existed in different cultures. They are complementary medicine and healthcare practices that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine. These practices focused on identifying approaches of working with balances, systems of the body and natural energy to ensure healing (Urits et al., 2020). Universally, different cultures have supported non-traditional healthcare practices. These beliefs and skills about treatment are passed from generation to another. Considerably, some of these non-traditional health practices have been universally linked to healthcare plans and treatment options in healthcare institutions. This paper will focus on three different cultures and their non-traditional healthcare treatment techniques and the importance of these practices in offering quality and holistic healthcare.

Non-traditional health care practices in different cultures

The Chinese nontraditional healthcare practices have evolved over the years with various physical and psychological approaches such as acupuncture, tai chi and other herbal products to solve health problems. For instance, acupuncture entails stimulating specific points of the body by injecting thin needles in the body through the skin. The practitioners believe that acupuncture stimulates and releases natural body painkillers (Mao and Kapur, 2010). Tai chain combines certain gentle movements, postures, breathing, mental focus and relaxation. Studies indicate that tai chai practice improves stability and balance, promotes life quality, and improves moods in people with heart problems.

The Native American culture relies on a mixture of health techniques that individuals obtain from various nations that have been in America in the earlier centuries. These are based on the significance of understanding health and nature as a matter of balance. For instance, the bark of the willow tree has been used as a pain remedy since it contains acetylsalicylic acid similar to Aspirin content. Other non-traditional medicines include Chiropractic, herbs, massage therapy, acupuncture and relaxation techniques.

India religious practices and beliefs are linked with the use of varying forms of medicine. Complementary medicine has been practised in India over the years. The Indian culture has a scope of non-traditional medical care practice. For instance, Ayurvedic medicine has been passed over generations over centuries. This relies on a combination of diet, herbal treatments, and lifestyle and exercise recommendations to ensure health. In India, doctors encourage individuals to use sound life practices and procedures such as physical activity and dietary schedules to lift the immunity framework and energize a healthy way of life.

Considerably, what is considered an effective non-traditional healthcare practice in one culture is widely accepted in another. For instance, acupuncture, a Chinese medicine alternative, is used in America in conjunction with Western-style medicine. This is also seen for Ayurvedic medicine, which is practised commonly in china. The non-traditional healthcare practices have greatly focused on the person rather than the disease, emphasising regular tune-ups to cure particular ailments and prevent diseases.

The Importance of Non-traditional healthcare practices in providing holistic and quality health care.

The wellness and health of an individual are reliant on the integrated effects of body, mind and spirit. Modern medicine has failed to regard this holism, unlike the non-traditional healthcare practices. Various cultures have been recognized for their remarkable similarities in incorporating the integrated aspect of wellness and health. The non-traditional health practices are used together with conventional medical treatments that are prescribed by doctors.

The non-traditional healthcare practices are alternative and complementary prevention, treatment, and diagnosis approaches that complement mainstream medicine by facilitating a common whole by satisfying a demand not met by orthodoxy (Kramlich, 2014). These consist of a heterogeneous and large array of techniques with both diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. These help the patients in feeling better and improving their quality of life. Additionally, they help in coping with symptoms and side effects caused by conventional treatment.

The non –traditional healthcare practices tend to share similar characteristics, such as empowering individuals to take responsibility and participate in their health. They emphasize and recognize lifestyle issues such as exercise, proper nutrition, spiritual and emotional balance, adequate rest and exercise. Non-traditional healthcare practices have focused on the treatment of an individual as a whole instead of a series of parts to prevent disease and maintain health.

The numerous non-conventional healthcare techniques enhance the body self-recuperating properties. They focuses on the body wholeness, a point where the body is fully focused on, thus wiping out mental issues such as post-traumatic pressure and anxiety. Most non-traditional healthcare practices have had constructive outcomes of healthy living, improved well-being and illness management (Urits et al., 2020). For instance, people rely on massage for well-being and general relaxation and address several health complications such as limited motion and pain. Massage has been one of the most common non-traditional healthcare practices that offer general benefits such as improved circulation, physical relaxation, relief of tight muscles, and enhanced energy.

Ideally, the non-traditional medical care practices have incorporative methods that can be customized in the treatment, such as regular exercising, customary herbs and dietary regiments (Kalyankar, Attar and Shinde, 2012). These methods have influenced the anticipation of sickness and well-being in various societies. For instance, acupuncture has been a significant part of treatment that has been practised to treat various symptoms and diseases. The process effectively regulates the normal energy flow by the meridians, thus helping the body in relieving symptoms and restoring health. Acupuncture has offered a holistic approach to treatment since it used in conjunction with other therapies such as physical therapy, western medicine, psychotherapy and chemotherapy. Acupuncture has stimulated the nervous system, which changes the pain experiences promoting emotional and physical well-being and natural healing ability.

The non-traditional healthcare practices have overwhelmed cultures and demonstrated to be effective. These practices ensure the improvement of health through recuperative and preventive plans. For instance, biological-based biological-based therapies such as herbal products, specialized diets, and natural products such as hormones, minerals, and biologicals have effectively promoted health and reduced disease risk. These offer immune support benefits that facilitate a holistic approach towards health. The non-traditional healthcare practices focus on patients receiving care as whole persons and actively participating in their healthcare.

Non-Traditional Healthcare Practices within my Area

Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage are the major non-traditional healthcare practices that are highly utilized in my area. These have been major components of the U.S healthcare system. Most individuals choosing these healthcare practices are often linked to chronic musculoskeletal pain. For instance, massage therapy has been activating the body self-healing mechanisms that alleviate pain and treat illness. Acupuncture uses tiny needles which stimulate the body at pressure points.

I have experienced several individuals who have restored their well-being through the pressure point massage in my area. Most people ChiropracticChiropractic and pressure point are therapeutic, relieve pain, pleasurable, increase energy floe and improve circulation throughout the body (Urits et al., 2020). The non-traditional health practices are becoming popular since they have increased a general sense of well-being and health.

Most of the patients, healthcare providers and nurses are interested in the idea that non-traditional healthcare practices are leading positive emotions that improve health. They play an essential role in relieving anxiety, calming emotion and reducing stress. Additionally, conventional medicines have had side effects due to toxic chemicals that harmfully react with the body. The fact that non-traditional healthcare practices have emphasized the body’s capacity to heal itself.


A variety of non-traditional healthcare practices and beliefs that use alternative medicine are evident in varying cultures globally.  These practices have complemented traditional medicine, which offers treatment of human beings as a whole person through biologically based treatments, mind-body interventions, body-based well as energy therapies. The basic philosophy of non-traditional healthcare practices included holistic care and quality healthcare. Each culture has methods and interesting beliefs that they use to prevent diseases and better wellness. Over the years, non-traditional healthcare practices have been valued more than traditional healthcare practices due to their holistic care and quality well-being.


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