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Nike Inc. Company Essay Sample | Homework Help

Organization Background

Nike is an American global corporation in manufacturing, developing, designing and sales of shoes and apparel, services and sport equipment. The headquarters of Nike are near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area (Childs and Jin, 2018). Nike has grown to be one of the major producers of sports equipment and the biggest supplier of athletic apparel and shoes. The company has employed more than 40,000 individuals. The company’s brand value as of 2014 was $19 billion, making it a valuable brand in the sports. Throughout its history, Nike has successfully acquired several footwear and apparel companies. Since 2013, Nike has had two key subsidiaries: Converse, Inc. and Hurley Int Childs and Jin, 2018). Nike has relied on the Nike research lab, which has delivered scientifically proven insights that help in driving the performance and innovations of the Nike Brand.

Business Mission

Nike’s mission has been laid out well to precisely represent the firm’s position as the most valuable athletic shoes and apparel supplier in the world. The mission of the company is effective in diving purpose and meaning of their work by giving them a clear reason for their tasks and giving them the positive aspects of their daily activities, which creates a long-term employee investment and builds a workplace culture. Nike’s mission statement is “to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world” (Smithson, 2019). Therefore, the mission of Nike has been to drive product innovation for athletes globally. Nike focuses on countless ideas that are tested to improve the performance of athletes, enhancing perception, injury risk reduction and delivery of innovative athlete products. The company’s mission has clearly explained the primary role of the company, which helps the employees in achieving the company’s mission.

Business Goals

Drive sustainable Product design and Innovation: Sustainable product design and innovation focus on the scientific, artistic and technical aspects of designing consumer products from a direction that promotes sustainability and suitable business practices. Nike has integrated product design methodologies, cutting-edge approaches, and hands-on models to achieve the highest sustainability (Kaushikkar et al., 2020). The Nike brand has ensured that all its brand facilities and operations are climate neutral. They have also focused on designing footwear that meets the baseline targets for waste reduction and elimination of volatile organic compounds in product design and packaging.

Unchaining the youth’s potential by giving them aid in sport: Nike Company has relied on business responsibility to grow, develop, and invent meaningful change. The company believes in the power of sports to transform the lives of communities and give youth greater admittance to sports. They have invested in community-based activities that have relied on the influence of sport to unleash talents and enhance the lives of youths.

Business Processes

Nike relies on a collection of related tasks to deliver its products to its customers and accomplish its goals. Nike’s operating model is focused on a process that entails design, manufacturing and sales. The company invests heavily in design processes and Research and development processes. The research and development process includes all the company’s activities to innovate and introduce new services and products. This has been a significant process in Nike since the company focuses on innovation. They have a research lab where they obtain new knowledge to create new products and services.

Nike’s design process is used to create new products from scratch to achieve the company goals. The design process links to the final services and products that meet the company’s goals and innovative aims. The design process defines the essential activities that Nike needs to perform to run the business successfully.

Information Systems

Transaction Processing System (TPS) – This is an information processing system that allows Nike to gather, modify and retrieve all transaction data (Ajah and Nweke, 2019). It allows the company to achieve consistency, performance and reliability. The transaction processing system ensures that all the information about a transaction is stored, sent and received successfully.

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) – This information system is used by a business to plan and coordinate daily activities such as manufacturing, supply chain, financial process and services (Chofreh, Goni and Klemeš, 2018). Nike has been using the ERP to manage their day to day activities. The ERP has allowed for free flow of communication, real-time data and accurate reporting.


How IT Systems Integrate the Company Goals

The information technology systems have influenced the communication process within the company, making it possible for employees to maintain a positive workflow. The main goal of Nike is to offer new and innovative products to customers. The ERP system has allowed effective management of the process, thus improving the performance and quality of products. Nike has been able to develop the most efficient ways and schedule resources. ERP has also offered data visibility to the vendors and customers, enabling them to have real-time data on the trends and changes, thus keeping up with the consumer demands. The transaction processing system has been used to track routine operations that are used to support decision-making. The TPS produces useful documents linked to routine business activities, which the business uses to add value to the clients.

Challenges and Opportunities with Today’s IT Systems

The IT systems have played a major role in improving the efficiency of operations. For instance, the IT systems have enabled Nike to understand the needs of the consumers and utilize their resources efficiently. Information systems have offered more complete and recent information, which allows the company to operate efficiently. IT systems have also enabled Nike to improve their research capacity, thus staying ahead of their competitors. However, one of the challenges with the IT systems is the data protection and security issues that risk the company data. The risks of attacks on management information technology systems have been on the rise leading to greater risks to company sensitive data. The risks have ranged from stealing confidential information or installing programs that damage the system.

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