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New Article Analysis | Write My Covid-19 Essay

Article: Roni Caryn Rabin. Feb. 6, (2020). The Corona Virus Outbreak. Available at: https://www.nytimes.com/article/what-is-coronavirus.html

The information contained in this newspaper report was obtained through reports and records on the issue of Corona Virus in China. The necessary information was obtained from Chinese researchers who identified a new coronavirus as the pathogen of illness that has affected over fifty people in Wuhan. Chinese scientists have offered more information about Coronavirus as a disease and its symptoms. The people involved have written about Coronavirus providing a primary source for this news article.

The first step in writing a story is gathering information about the topic. Therefore, a reporter has to have existing knowledge on the issue of Coronavirus. The reporter was able to obtain this information through their individual research by collecting data from different reports on Corona Virus. The research findings have offered the reporters with the stories, expert sources, as well as background information on the specific recent incident of Coronavirus outbreak. For instance, the Chinese scientists and researchers have reported related to the new Virus which have offered essential information to learn about. Reports from credible sources such as respected people in their fields are crucial to providing information related to a specific topic. The first thing was to gather meaningful data about the topic to ensure that the article is essential to the readers.

The story on the Coronavirus is essential since this is a respiratory virus in China that has affected thousands of people and is spreading all over the world. This is a dire public health situation that requires the public to understand. The article has offered essential information that scientists have learned about the Virus. People need to have crucial information that is related to the new Virus, which is leaving researchers and scientists with fear that it may become a pandemic. Much is still unknown about the Virus including the factors that are essential in predicting the reason for its existence and how easily the Virus has been able to spread from one individual to the other and the reason why victims are developing the severe disease that can lead to death. The main aim of this news article is to inform the public about the existence of a condition that is around them and may affect their lives. This is a kind of international news which offers information about what is happening in other countries and all over the world and in other countries.

The story on the Corona Virus is reliable since it offers essential information related to the Virus. Thousands of people have already contracted with the new Virus in China. Thus, people in other nations need to understand the Virus and the spreading infection. News aim at focusing on issues that are important in society. This article has played a crucial social task by concentrating on a topic that is affecting the whole world. Since the information on this update on Coronavirus is limited, the reporter has played an essential role in gather information from credible sources to contribute more information related to this issue on the Corona Virus.

I got the information from the New Times newspaper. While taking a look at the recent news updates on the New York times, I came across this article talking about the Corona Virus. The content of the latest news was valuable since the spread of Corona Virus is on the rise. I needed to know what is the Coronavirus and how dangerous it is. The article has offered essential information on the respiratory Virus, including the causes, symptoms, and how it is transmitted. The report has also provided information on how I can keep myself safe.

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