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Founded in 1984 in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Fiserv is a renowned financial institution that offers financial and transaction processing solutions. Presently, the corporation is a publicly-traded entity with a lot of business importance founded on the Information Technology and Services industry. Fiserv’s mission is to seek, offer purpose, and have principles.  Moreover, they stand based on diversity, prospects, and providing outstanding customer services.  Fiserv has obtained an additional large payment processing corporation identified as First Data. First Data is another universal entity operating in the Fintech industry for the processing of payments. There are significant alterations and cultural shifts as a corporation that ensues to be one organization with any blend and procurement. The ensuing change involves relocating personnel from the First Data Atlanta Head office to Alpharetta’s Fiserv center of operations.

Project Scope

Fiserv seeks to relocate personnel stationed at the 18th floor of the First Data building and relocating them to the Fiserv office. The profits of this move are that it would let First Data and Fiserv personnel be more cooperative and dissolve the concept of being two separate entities.  In the course of a merger, the corporation as a whole is undergoing a new atmosphere that may bring its share of concern to all involved individuals. The IT teams will unify to generate a network architecture that would accommodate the changes, and the project administrator would be tasked with managing the plan.

Project and Project Goals

The objective of the planned network architecture involves creating a new cooperative atmosphere for every staff member. This would include an office and remote personnel stationed on the 10th floor within the enlisted divisions. To facilitate the effective transition, it is essential to integrate proper cabling structures, network structures, and protocols (Pasley, 2018). For instance, within the 10th floor, a local area network would be required. Secondly, it would be essential to integrate a Wide Area Network to facilitate connection with other segments and remote personnel, along with if personnel need to integrate the Bring your own device option. The new site would be structured using switches, routers, computer servers, and ISPs to complete the network infrastructure framework. Firewalls and other privacy mechanisms would also be required to facilitate the protection of data and reducing the likelihood of hacking. The project would be effectively completed by guaranteeing the involvement of every stakeholder and proper planning.

Stake Holders

According to Landau (2017), stakeholders are pivotal in any project. With any project involving network architecture, there will be a need for internal and external clients. Internal clients involved are Senior Level Management for approval, Program Managers that will handle all aspects of the separate entities related to the transition. With any project pertinent to network architecture, it would be essential to have internal and external components. Internal stakeholders involved in the project include Senior Level Management for purposes of approval, Program Managers handling every aspect of the separate entities linked to the changeover. The Project Manager is tasked with overseeing the project, vendors, and in-house teams. The IT department that comprises Architects, Analysts, and Technicians would be tasked with connection and troubleshooting. Moreover, vendors will be required to supply the necessary equipment, wiring, and moving tasks linked to the development.

Network Diagram

Project Timeline

Preparation- A project plan would be created that would involve providing a resource estimation and financial plan. Moreover, meetings with the designers and engineers would transpire to obtain a sense of the building codes and network requirements.

Planning- During this stage, requirements would be set. Meetings will transpire to reassess preparation stages, and needs would be developed. The rate and time frame would similarly be deliberated and recorded during this stage. Once the phase is finalized, there should be a very self-assured grasp on the task to be done, the duration, and the costs.

Design- The network design phase would comprise a comprehensive design founded on the numerous building requirements. The design process would take a more granular view of the provisions required for the building and network to ensure they are feasible choices and costly or take a more extended period to implement in the subsequent phase.

Implementation – The execution stage involves real-life network installation. During this stage, the network wires, switches, stations, servers, among others, would be positioned within the building and linked to the whole network. Testing may need to be executed at the end of the execution to ensure that all devices connect to the network, gain accessibility to the various databanks, and submit/receive needs in real-time.

Maintenance – Active network maintenance is vital to ensuring that a network is effectively functioning. Typically, there would be scripts or accounts to illustrate any slow-down or information health issues. These reports may be utilized to “tweak” the system to enhance performance or preserve information. The Maintenance stage is frequently an ongoing procedure for several months after the project’s completion to ensure no unresolved concerns.

International and Cultural Concerns

This development would be undertaken in the United States. The cultural and global concerns that might transpire would include the time and language barrier perspectives. Most of the IT and architectural teams would be stationed in foreign regions. Therefore, it would be vital to delegate meetings during periods that would ensure every individual’s availability.  Moreover, other nations have diverse holidays and traditions. The customs must be respected throughout the project. When there is diversity during the execution of the project, the development would have its share of disparities.  The project manager and leadership need to initiate a reputable and cooperative method of managing these dissimilarities to where every shareholder is considered. Every individual respects and acknowledges each other for those variances.

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