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Network Management strategies | Write My Essay

The role of network management 

Network management entails the process of maintaining and organizing active and passive network components. It also entails the provision of services of maintaining network components and also network performance administration and monitoring. The role of network management is also to identify the faults, undertake investigations, troubleshooting, configuration, and OS changes, to fulfill the requirements of a client. It allows computers within a network to communicate, ensure that all networks are controlled from a central location, and allow for troubleshooting or performance enhancements (Thoma & Funken, 2018). Network management’s role is also to help in fault management, which manages the administrator who ensures that he prevents faults within a networked system. This helps in identifying, isolating, and fixing any likely malfunction which occurs. Network management’s role is also to help in configuration management. This is the process of configuring and then adjusting it in response to changing the requirements of a network.

Tools of network management 

For the network management process to be a success, there is a need for various tools. One of the most vital tools that could help in network management is Ping. This is an effective tool that aids in determining latency and packet loss for a network (Wilson, 2021). The second tool is the Traceroute, which provides data on what the network devices are doing. Finally, is the Nslookup, which is a great utility in that it helps to locate the IP addresses associated with a domain name.

Tools for Monitoring Network Performance

For good customer experience, there will be a need to have monitoring of network performance. A network performance monitoring tool helps ensure that the network management tools are effective and that the desired tools easily test all options. One of the best network monitoring tools is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, the premium network monitor that runs on the windows server. A second monitoring tool is the Paessler PRTG Network Monitor. This entails a three in one infrastructure monitor for the windows server. A final monitoring tool is the NetCrunch Monitoring Suite. This is a monitoring tool that is a comprehensive network monitor for both Linux and Windows.

The role that remote access plays in managing a network

Remote access entails the ability for an authorized individual to access a network from a distance location by having a network connection. This greatly enables users to connect to the systems they need when they are in a distant location. It is vital for employees who work at branch offices, and don’t have to travel to the main headquarters to access a given network. Through remote access, remote users can access files and other system resources on any device or server connected to the network at any given time (Yang, 2021). Remote access helps boost the productivity of the workers, enabling them to better collaborate with their colleagues across the globe. Remote access also aids firms across the globe hire the most suitable and talented individuals regardless of their physical location, hence boosting the quality of output by the workers. A VPN connection is vital for remote access. It helps create a safe and encrypted connection, hence helping the remote users and branch offices securely log into a company’s applications and other resources (Yang, 2021). Remote access saves the IT administrators’ time, boosts their productivity rates, and enables them to rest easy knowing that their whole network is under surveillance.

A strategy for managing the organization’s network infrastructure

To effectively manage the organization’s network infrastructure, there is first a need to segment and segregate networks and functions. This will entail considering the overall unfractured layout. As a result, it will help prevent an intruder from propagating exploits or laterally moving around an internal network. This will be followed by limiting unnecessary lateral communications. This could be by ensuring that there is a separation of sensitive information. The system will use the same design principles as physical segmentation but will require no additional hardware. To effectively manage the organization’s network infrastructure, there will also be a need for hardening the network devices. Hardware network devices are vital in that they ensure that the systems are protected and that users of the network are easy to interlink and work without any flaws in the system.

Finally, there will be the securing of access to the infrastructural devices. This is since it is vital to ensure that the networks are secured from unauthorized third parties and that the company information is secure. First, there will be the implementation of multi-factor authentication, which will aid in validating the identity of the network user. This will be followed by managing privileged access, where the server to used will provide authentication, authorization, and accounting services. As a way of securing the infrastructural devices, there will be a need to manage administrative credentials. This will be by ensuring that default passwords are changed, ensuring that the passwords are stronger, and ensuring that passwords are kept in a protected off-network location such as a safe.



Network Management Design

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