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Negative Effects of Instant noodle | Assignment Help Services

Food is one of the critical aspects of every person’s life that calls for intensive consideration. It is important for individuals to consider careful selection of meals. One should, therefore, ensure that, he/she sticks to a diet that maximally achieves good health thus prolonging life. However, the major issue is that most people select food based on convenience and personal preference other than focusing on the health impact of the dishes taken. To some extent, this could be associated with adverse effects upon a person’s life. For instance, most quick meals have been associated with some possible consequences as heart attack, diabetes, obesity, stroke and cancer. There exists a huge controversy on the consumption of instant noodles. Instant noodles fall in this category of junk food became popular in most regions of the world after being initially introduced in China and later into the world market by the Korea and japan. Recently, they have become increasingly popular worldwide yet most people are not aware of the possible impacts on their health. Among students, it is one of the most prominent meals as most people rush for the most cost effective and convenient dishes that require fewer cooking skills.

Instant noodles

They are pre-cooked noodles that are usually prepared from different substances. They are prepared and then sold in cups and packets along with seasoning oil or flavoring powder which is made up of sugar, monosodium glutamate and salt. They have been linked with largely negative impacts of health as they contain huge amounts of salt, unsafe chemicals, fats and carbohydrates. The paper provides an overview on the use of instance noodles, the extent to which they have been utilized by different demographics groups, their impact of health and general recommendations. This article recommends that the government to consider prohibiting the manufacture and sale of instant noodles considering the negative outcome on health associated with their use as this would be the best strategy towards ensuring positive health outcome. To some, they are considered a life saver to busy people and other students as they require very little time to prepare and cook yet very delicious. There are among the top benefits of the products.

After being invented by Momofuku Ando, the food has grown to be very famous with China containing the largest number of consumers and Indonesia coming second. Thus, they are largely consumed by most Asian nations. The micronutrients vary depending on the brand of the instant noodles though most of them contain low level of healthy substances. Major quality factors that are looked upon during the evaluation of these products include absence or presence of rancid taste, rehydration rates, quality of cooking, texture, flavor and color.

Health Issues

Instant noodles were initially introduced into the market in the year 1970 where they became very popular since they were filing, convenient and cheap. Most demographic groups including children, youths and the elderly love the junk food because they have very delicious taste. They are made from minerals, eggs, flour and food flavoring making them very easy simple and practical to present (Charles et al. 2583). They could be characterized as being dangerous to people’s bodies since they contain various substances as unhealthy saturated fats, huge levels of calories, dyes and high salt concentration (Charles & Ogbolosingha, 2155). Such substances are associated with increasing the level of metabolic syndrome, an attribute that has always been associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and blood pressure.

Also, the consumption of food products with enormous amounts of sugar, unhealthy saturated fats, high salt concentration, dyes, and huge levels of calories risk individuals developing unhealthy weight problems. According to Huh et al., the health risk associated with enormous consumption of junk food that lacks dietary consideration impacts in huge weight gain that is problematic (235). Starting from being overweight to being obese puts the body prone to other health related problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, among other complexities. The problem of unhealthy is highly associated with consumption of unhealthy foods that lowers the body metabolism capacity and breakdown of the contents into energy essential for the body (Sikander et al. 13).

The checking of instant noodles is of paramount importance especially among children and the young generation. The risk of exposing the young bodies to health issues is enormous and induces profound effects to the individual. This includes lowering the body defense mechanism, so that it cannot effectively fight other diseases. The problem of unhealthy weight and lower immune systems is critical for children and young people that have a whole future ahead of them (Shin et al. 1249). The menace induced by the consumption of instant noodles leaves a majority of people vulnerable to health risks and other diseases. Thus, the level of consumption of instant noodles should be highly checked and avoided among children and youths. Checking on the elderly demographic, instant noodles consumption intensifies the health issues they are experiencing leaving them more prone to further complexities. Such, include escalation of diabetes, heart problem, and other chronic diseases (Kim et al. 199).

The increased use of these products could be as a result of the culture intake and acceptance of most quick meals globally. Most people opt for “take-aways” and dishes that could be taken from any location. Instant noodles are also referred to as ramen. The instant noodles are connected to some packets enhancers that make them harmful to human body while the noodles themselves are harmless (Farrand et al. 612). The major constituting product is the monosodium glutamate (MSG), a chemical that is associated with some effect on a person’s body such as chest face and headache flushing as well as a burning sensation. The flavor substance contains large amounts of fats and sodium minerals. Other than providing essential elements such as minerals, fiber and vitamins, instant noodles have been linked with several food additives and carbohydrates. They are a major carrier of obesity as a single packet of these substances carries large number of calories that most people are not aware of. The huge amounts of sodium and fats can cause a serious issue not only to those who are planning to lose their weight but also to people under medication, those experience congestive heart failure as well as those suffering from high blood pressure (Kim et al. 199). The substances that are added onto instant noodles could bring about stroke, kidney damage, hypertension and heart disease.

Additionally, the chemicals used to manufacture the containers and ramen could also be a major factor that contribute to negative health upon individuals. From the use of instance noodles. Noodles are usually enclosed in containers, most of which contain such substances as dioxin and other chemicals. The chemical that is used to prevent noodles from drying is known as propylene glycol and could contain negative effects on the liver, kidneys and heart to an extent that it makes the victims immune system less weak (Charles, I. A., & Ogbolosingha, 3522). Other waxy products are placed on layers of noodles to prevent their connection and mix-up and people end up consuming such products. Arguably, people do not just end up being victims through the use of the products but also as a result of consumption of products which are not meant for consumption.

Instant noodles could result to far more issues than just causing obesity and other allergic reactions. Their use has also been linked with cancer development especially because they contain a substance, benzopyrene, in their content. This substance is said to increase the risk of developing cancer of the balder, lung and skin. It is also known to be prevalent in smoke and coal tar. Some nations understand the negative effects associated with the use of these substance, they have therefore formulated effective techniques such as banning their use and sale (Huh et al. 234). Eating instant noodles has been associated with the escalation of cancer, which should cause concern among consumers of this product. The consumption of instant noodles is a health flight risk that should be eliminated from the retailer and distribution stores globally. Thus, governments’ efforts to ensure the sale of instant noodles as a major effort of ensuring the improvement of quality healthy and consumption habits are absorbed by the citizens.

Instant noodles are also associated with a strain on an individual’s digestive system to extents that it is forced to breakdown the substance over a long period of time. This could also interfere with the body’s ability to release insulin and altering the blood sugar levels. Toxic chemicals could also be retained in human body. As well, presents a potential of failing to have appetite essential to maintain healthy eating habits and desire to consume dietary products (Charles et al. 2584). The strain on individual’s digestive system risks creating bad habits such as poor eating habits and desire for instant noodles only. This is an unhealthy trend as the product lacks the essential nutrients and energy sources vital for a nourished body. Thus, consumption of instant noodles induces more extensive health risk than any potential benefit they can induce into the body.


The best approach that a person can take to prevent the negative impact associated with the use of these substances is by absolute avoidance of instant noodles. The transition from consumption of instant noodles should be avoided and ensure healthy eating habits filled with dietary products. The elimination of instant noodles from one’s diet should be of high priority to ensure that the elimination of the product goes with the potential health risk it poses on people. The ability to eliminate the consumption of the food product should be attained through a process where if it’s a habit, one gets rid of the habit step by step. For example, minimize the consumption of the instant noodles to three times a week, and later ensure there’s no instant noodles in your storage facilities, food contents in the house, or to do list.

Alternative, one may add other products into the instant noodles such as meat, eggs, shrimp and vegetables. This helps in providing the body with necessary nutrients vital for the improvement of the metabolism system. In turn, essential surplus products provide the body with necessary nutrients and energy to breakdown instant noodles unhealthy fats into energy. Other unwarranted contents in the instant noodles’ products should be replaced with the consumption of eggs, meat, vegetables, shrimp, and milk. However, complete elimination of the product is the best option to ensure healthy eating habits exercised by an individual. Thus, ensure that the individual does not succumb to the temptation of resuming instant noodles consumption as the convenient and preferred food product.

Health organizations that are responsible for overseeing healthcare issues associated with instant noodles should take account of the rising effects on human health. The health organizations in collaboration with other stake holders have the mandate and responsibility of creating health awareness and dietary awareness. Health and dietary awareness inform consumers of the essential nutrients and energy needed to maintain healthy eating habits more convenient than instant noodles. Health and dietary awareness are essential for cognitive and effective decision-making at the individual level of the food products one consumes. Creating awareness is critical to ensuring that consumers understand energy sources and fundamental products to add to their meals. In turn, it assures one of health improvement and healthy bodies, devoid of healthy related complexities.

To minimize or eliminate their use, the government can ensure intensive monitoring of stores to make sure that there is less usage of the products. The government should invest in efforts that ensure the rising negative effects on people’s health have been eliminated. The introduction of enormous tax duty and tariffs is critical to discourage the importation and exportation of instant noodles products. Countries that do not produce the product should ascertain the raising of standards of food products imported in the country. The government is the overall oversight of the products introduced in the country and should ensure healthy products for its citizens. The banning of instant noodles should follow stringent measures to demand from the manufacturer to improve on positive health impacts rather than the negative menace they create. Thus, creativity is vital to improve the products they induce into the markets.

Furthermore, increased consumption of water is vital to the body’s metabolism and health status. The consumption of water is critical for the body to nourish it from unhealthy products consumed by an individual. The increased water consumption facilitates the metabolism capacity intensifying the capacity of the body to breakdown traces of unwanted products in the body. Also, intensive physical exercises and increased physical activities is vital to the body. This is crucial to ensure the body is burning additional calories and body fats that impede healthy status. There are profound benefits of increased water intake into the body and intensified physical activities. The approach helps the body improve vital processes that ascertain the breakdown of the food products consumed by an individual. Thus, impact positively to body maintenance and health benefits.


Conclusion, the number of instant noodles available in the market, their simplicity and affordability, are major factors that encourage people to continuously use them. Hence, to effectively take control of the negative effects associated with the use of these products, government efforts focused at banning the product, increasing tax duty and tariffs for the importation and exportation of the product, and partnership with key stakeholders should be prioritized. The consequent of involving key stakeholders in the health sector is critical for advanced health and dietary eating awareness. In turn, ensure that individuals are aware of the risk they are posing on their bodies by consuming unhealthy products from supermarket and other local stores. The increase of health and dietary food products awareness is critical to enhance cognitive decision-making in food product choices. Thus, food products consumption should be based on informed choice by an individual to maintain health status and risk-free trends.

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